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Late Model Racing - Western Australia - Rules

The LMA car specifications are found in a 19 page PDF document.

The link below will open in a new tab page in your browser.

Or right click the link to save it to your desktop.

Late Model Australia Rules PDF

Note: The 2019/2020 rules have not changes since the previous year!


Year 1: You have decided NOT to race but want to KEEP your number. You must be a financial member of LMRWA, you must pay car registration that year before any racing starts.

Year 2: You did not race last year and still want to keep your number. You must be a financial member of LMRWA , you must pay pay full registration for pro dirt series before any racing starts.

Year 3: IF you do not race more than 3 times last year the number will be forfeited back to LMRWA.



To be eligible for ROOKIE OF THE YEAR bonuses and benefits a driver must comply with the following criteria. ROY eligibility will include but not limited to, any competitor that has NOT competed in 5 or more PDS rounds in a previous season. Any competitor that has NOT competed as a rookie more than twice in any previous season. All PDS rounds will count to ROY status.


All Stars Status:

Financial LMRWA club members and Drivers who have never won a Pro Dirt Series Round, or finished top three in a WA Title, Australian Title, Pro Dirt Series.

Once a driver achieves this feat they are no longer eligible for the prizes from the next round.

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