Rules - Late Model Racing Western Australia

2023-2024 Season

In the interests of continuing to provide our members, and in particular our new members, with the information required to keep their racing experience as streamlined as possible, your LMRWA Mngt Group have updated the LMRWA website.

Please have a search around. On this Rules page you will find the Line Up, Start procedures, Re-start procedures all in a printable PDF format that you can use to stick up in your trailer until you are familiarised with the requirements.

These rules have been in place for a number of years and have worked well for our group. They are in the interests of presenting a professional show and minimising time spent on the track which in return assists keeping all of our racing laps.

You will also find the Steward will be enforcing "spin and stop" again this season so be aware. Don’t be selfish to all your other competitors. If you spin and have the capacity to keep going safely, do so.