With the boom in the number of Late Models racing in WA it is a good time to explore the thoughts of the new LMRWA CEOMichael Holmes. In particular to understand his vision of how he sees Late Models evolving in WA.

Michael sees a big future for Late Models “The division is moving in the right direction and the foundations have been laid for something really good in WA. It is rare to have a division on the way up especially with the economy going the other way.”

With a rapidly expanding group of Late Model drivers in WA over the past few years Michael is intent on keeping his hand firmly on the tiller. There will be well in excess of 50 Late Models racing in WA this year so Michael is keen to continue the momentum that has built up over the past 3 or 4 years. “We are involved in the world’s biggest dirt car category. We are not trying to invent anything. We are doing what has already been done in the USA.”

Michael is conscious of the fact that there are a range of drivers with varying budgets and motivations for going Late Model racing. “We have something for everyone. The top end has the Prodirt series and they can even step up a notch at the USAInvasion Tour. We have the Development series for new andlower budget teams plus a seriously attractive rookie of the year award from Rocket Chassis. In addition we have introduced the recently announced Speed Torque AllStar series for drivers in transition to the top end of the division.”

The fan base has been growing steadily and track promoters at all the major venues in WA have scheduled race meetings. QuitBunbury Speedway has taken a big step and introduced a new track championship for Late Models with 4 race meetings this season. This sits alongside the popular Perth Motorplex Track Championship. Michael sees this expansion as a gradual process“The Late Model game continues to lift at the top end but we are not leaving behind the guys that just want to have fun. I am confident in the direction we are going but we will continue to make baby steps to reach our ultimate goal.”

With the outstanding quality of the cars coming into the country, the number of drivers gaining experience in the USA and the top line American drivers racing in Australia Michael sees Late Models continuing to grow. “I can’t see why we can’t be the biggest dirt car division in Australia. It’s not realistic for that to happen in 5 years but we can go in that direction. Our goal is to reach a situation where when people think speedway they think Late Models.”


By Ray Hale for LMRWA


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