Who Will Win the Nationals?

The first night of action was simply excellent.
Twenty eight car put on a show, worked together to ensure the show ran smoothly and showed why Late Model Racing in Western Australia is going from strength to strength.
The exciting thing is, we get to do it all again tomorrow, for the final night of the Di Candilo Steel City Late Model Nationals!
Although not all cars will return, with some suffering some damage, there will still be a good field determined to put on a show and of course fight it out for the honour of winning the Late Model Nationals.
‘Mr Smooth’ Billy Moyer showed why he is one of the World’s best with an amazing run to claim the feature on Wednesday night, but fellow countryman Joe Godsey also put in an astounding performance to be leading the points after Night One after a second place finish. They were joined on the podium by Michael Holmes and as the first Australian home he was thrilled with his performance, but now all three have put that behind them and are focused on what lies ahead.
Others who had good runs included Ryan Halliday, Tyler Erb and Kye Blight, but they too are not content to rest on those results, keen for bigger and better things this Saturday night.
A whole host of other drivers will also be looking for a better run, with names like Warren and Jamie Oldfield, Jay Cardy and even Brad Blake not quite where they were hoping to be.
The good thing about Speedway is that anything can, and will, happen, so make sure you get your backside trackside this Saturday night and bring someone to hold onto! You may pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only be using the edge as the Late Models power their way round!
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Photos Courtesy Mel Parker.

Late Model Nationals History
2016/17 – Steve Francis (USA)
2017/18 – Jason Fitzgerald (USA)
2018/19 – ???
Heat Seven
USA14G Joe Godsey and 4 Brent Vosbergen
0 Brad Blake and USA14R Jeff Roth
75 Mick Comley and 23 Joe Chalmers
84 Chris Pavlovich and 52 Jay Cardy
60 Jayden Meckenstock and 11 Nuno Mendes
Heat Eight
USA21 Billy Moyer and 91 Michael Holmes
41 Kye Blight and 51 Jamie Oldfield
15 Warren Oldfield and V10 Cameron Pearson
50 Veronica McCann and 71 Jamie Moon
318 Freddy Kinsella
Heat Nine
USA91 Tyler Erb and 99 Ryan Halliday
43 Marc Giancola and 31 Paul Stubber
19 Simon McNab and 12 Aydan Trewern
38 Jai Mazzini and 14 Willy Powell
26 Ken Macpherson
Heat Ten
52 Jay Cardy and 50 Veronica McCann
23 Joe Chalmers and 15 Warren Oldfield
USA14R Jeff Roth and 41 Kye Blight
4 Brent Vosbergen and USA21 Billy Moyer
11 Nuno Mendes and 318 Freddy Kinsella
Heat Eleven
71 Jamie Moon and 26 Ken Macpherson
V10 Cameron Pearson and 38 Jai Mazzini
51 Jamie Oldfield and 19 Simon McNab
91 Michael Holmes and 43 Marc Giancola
USA91 Tyler Erb
Heat Twelve
14 Willy Powell and 60 Jayden Meckenstock
12 Aydan Trewern and 84 Chris Pavlovich
31 Paul Stubber and 75 Mick Comley
99 Ryan Halliday and 0 Brad Blake
USA14G Joe Godsey.
Pics: Billy Moyer is focused on a good result, while Brad Blake and Marc Giancola amongst others will be keen to move forward. Pics Courtesy Mel Parker.