Who Will be Champion?

Although one of the newer divisions in Speedway, the Late Model Sedans have already got a proud history, particularly in Western Australia, and this weekend will see another chapter written as the eighteenth annual WA Late Model Championship goes on the line at QUIT Collie Speedway.
A good field of twenty two cars has nominated for the event, including no less than five former champions. Marc Giancola, Brad Blake, Craig Vosbergen, Ryan Halliday and Warren Oldfield have all claimed victory in the title before and all five enter the event with a huge chance of taking home the trophy once more.
Of course defending champion Marc Giancola is pulling out all the stops to defend his title with word through that he has purchased the ex Steve Francis machine for the weekend. If the rumours are true and Giancola does settle into his new ride, then he will be very tough to beat.
One man who would very much like his chances this weekend is Brad Blake. Blake has been on the podium eleven times in the races seventeen year history and has a 53% winning record in the event after claiming nine wins. He would love to make it ten wins this weekend and will be doing all he can to achieve this goal.
A two time champion also in the field is Craig Vosbergen . The fact that Vosbergen has been on podium three times in last five years is scary enough for his competitors, but then
even more interestingly, he has won both WA Late Model Championships that have been held at Collie, the first in 2011, the next in 2013… Every two years may be an omen?
Ryan Halliday and Warren Oldfield have both got one win apiece, Halliday having been on the podium four times including his win, while Warren had two podium finishes in a row before last season, including one win.
In what is a surprising fact, Jamie Oldfield has never actually finished on the podium in a Late Model state title, despite being on the podium twice in Late Model National Title! He will be coming into this event with guns a blazing, especially after his incredibly strong performances in the recent Invasion Tour.
The third Oldfield to race this weekend, Jason, also has had success, with two podium finishes but never a win and will be hoping to remedy that this time around. Jay Cardy is another who has had a number of podium finishes: three in fact, but has never won the title himself. Again he will be hoping to change that this weekend.
Of course, there is a whole host of other drivers who would love to grab a win in the State Title this weekend. Names like Nat Muir, Jamis Moon and Paul Stubber have all been right on the pace, while we welcome back Veronica McCann and Paul Joss into the fold for the title event.
The drivers are set. QUIT Collie Speedway is ready. The officials and crews are prepared. So now the only question that remains is, who will win?
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Official Nominations – 22
0 Brad Blake
8 Craig Vosbergen
12 Nat Muir
15 Warren Oldfield
16 Veronica McCann
18 Matt Goodlad
21 Dean King
22 Paul Joss
31 Paul Stubber
39 Phil Zuidema
42 Jai Mazzini
43 Marc Giancola
46 Jac Dolmans
51 Jamie Oldfield
52 Jay Cardy
55 Jason Oldfield
69 Bryn Haythornthwaite
71 Jamie Moon
77 Jeremy Hale
89 Morgan Melvin
93 Rob Galloway
99 Ryan Halliday
1997/98 Series
1st Alan Nylander 2nd John Cardy 3rd Ben Ludlow
1998/99 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd John Cardy
1999/2000 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd Ben Ludlow
2000/01 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Ryan Halliday 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy
2001/02 @ Geraldton/ Motorplex/ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ivor Ladwig 3rd Craig Vosbergen
2002/03  @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy
2003/04 @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Kevin Bell
2004/05 @ Northam
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chace Karpenko NT 3rd Michael Hebditch ACT
2005/06 @ Motorplex
1st Chace Karpenko NT 2nd Jason Oldfield 3rd Ryan Halliday
2006/07 @ Geraldton
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chase Karpenko (NT) 3rd Jason Oldfield
2007/08 @ Northam
1st Scott McPherson (ACT) 2nd Nathan Disney (NSW)3rd Darryl Grimson (NSW)
2008/09 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Ryan Halliday
2009/10 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Jay Cardy
2011/11 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Ryan Halliday 3rd Jason Moyle
2011/2012 @ Kalgoorlie Speedway
1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Brad Ludlow 3rd Brad Blake
2012/2013 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen  2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Matt Goodlad
2013/2014 @ Bunbury Speedway
1st Marc Giancola  2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Brad Blake
2014/2015@ Collie Speedway

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