Welcome to SupaFit Seat Covers!

We are so excited to announce another new partner for season 2021/22 with SupaFit Seat Covers joining the LMRWA team!
If you’ve purchased quality seat covers before there’s a fair chance you’ve heard of SupaFit!
With over 25 years experience and proudly Western Australian owned and operated, the Supafit Seat Covers team has an enviable reputation for providing quality seat covers to new car and truck dealerships, 4WD accessory retailers, agriculture, mining and construction industries, and direct to the general public.
LMRWA’s Craig Nylander has been out to visit Supafit’s impressive new premises in Welshpool and was blown away by the technology and materials that go into making their quality products. Computer monitored stitching to allow air bags to deploy is just one level of technology that ensures each and every set of canvas, or denim seat covers produced is 100% compliant.
Supafit’s product knowledge gained from supplying seat covers to the roughest and toughest of users and environments, along with our investment in R&D puts them at the very top of their industry.
You won’t find a better fit and seat cover for the price!
Make sure you look for Supafit Seat Covers next time you need a set. If you would like to view their industry leading full 2021 product catalogue, visit, https://www.supafitseatcovers.com.au/…/SupaFit…