WA Title Field Released!!

BROWN at speed 1

The WA State Late Model Championship will be held at Albany Speedway this Saturday night, the 23rd of January, while a second event, which will be the final of the Wild West tour, will be held at Esperance Speedway the following night, Sunday the 24th. This will be the nineteenth time the title has been held, with no less than five former winners entering, including defending champion Jamie Oldfield who won last year’s event at Collie Speedway in spectacular fashion. The event has never been held at Albany Speedway before, so a new chapter in the titles history will be written. Kodee Brown enters the event for the first time as the new Australian Champion, and after the form he showed last weekend, is sure to be a massive contender this time around. Brown has had success at the Albany venue before and will be hoping to add to his already massive resume again this weekend. Brad Blake has won the title nine times and no matter what has happened in previous weeks, he always lifts the bar at title times. He had a solid run last weekend and will be hunting for title number ten this Saturday night in what is sure to be a hard fought race. Craig Vosbergen is in good form and having won the event two times himself, fans can be assured he will race his hardest to grab a third title. He has also featured on the podium on three other occasions in the WA Title race so certainly knows what it takes to run up the front and will be settling for nothing less than the win. Marc Giancola, Warren Oldfield and Jamie Oldfield have each claimed the title on one previous occasions, and with all three showing last weekend that they are in red hot form, they cannot be discounted from grabbing a second title victory. Jamie Oldfield in particular has gone on record as looking for redemption this weekend, while Warren Oldfield was determined not to run second last weekend and will be going in with a similar outlook this time around. Jay Cardy is the only other man in the field to have featured on the WA Title podium, with three appearances. After a great weekend at the Australian Title where he scored two heat wins, was the high points scorer and started on the front row for the championship race, Cardy is certainly going to be hard to beat and he would love to claim his first title victory this weekend. Of course there is a while group of nineteen other drivers who will be hungry for title glory, including Kye Blight who grabbed a podium finish last weekend in a great performance, Jarrin Bielby who put on the best performance in his short Late Model career throughout the whole weekend and Morgan Melvin who made an impressive charge through the field in the Championship race. Interstate visitors Stuey Hill and Ben Nicastri have also stayed in Western Australia and would love to take a piece of WA home with them in the form of the WA Title. Hill, from South Australia, consistently got faster in last weekend’s racing while New South Welshman Ben Nicastri claimed QuickTime to begin the weekend and continued with solid results, something both of them would like to improve on this weekend. Add in drivers the ilk of Paul Joss, Paul Stubber and Michael Holmes who all had great runs across the title weekend, not to mention a whole host of others and this WA Title is going to be one not to miss. The full nominations for Esperance will also be released tomorrow, but in the meantime, make sure you head down to Albany Speedway this Saturday night for what is sure to be another epic WA Title event!

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Official Nominations – 26 0 Brad Blake A1 Kodee Brown S4 Stuey Hill 5 Jed Rogers 6 Hayden Norman 8 Craig Vosbergen 15 Warren Oldfield 22 Paul Joss 25 Mark Webster 26 Ken MacPherson 31 Paul Stubber 34 Matt Nylander 36 Jarrin Bielby 41 Kye Blight 42 Jai Mazzini 43 Marc Giancola 49 Simon McNab 51 Jamie Oldfield 52 Jay Cardy 54 David Nylander 60 Jayden Meckenstock 69 Bryn Haythornthwaite 84 Chris Pavlovich 89 Morgan Melvin 91 Michael Holmes N99 Ben Nicastri

WESTERN AUSTRALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP HISTORY 1997/98 Series 1st Alan Nylander 2nd John Cardy 3rd Ben Ludlow 1998/99 Series 1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd John Cardy 1999/2000 Series 1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd Ben Ludlow 2000/01 @ Perth Motorplex 1st Ryan Halliday 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy 2001/02 @ Geraldton/ Motorplex/ Manjimup 1st Brad Blake 2nd Ivor Ladwig 3rd Craig Vosbergen 2002/03 @ Bunbury 1st Brad Blake 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy 2003/04 @ Bunbury 1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Kevin Bell 2004/05 @ Northam 1st Brad Blake 2nd Chace Karpenko NT 3rd Michael Hebditch ACT 2005/06 @ Motorplex 1st Chace Karpenko NT 2nd Jason Oldfield 3rd Ryan Halliday 2006/07 @ Geraldton 1st Brad Blake 2nd Chase Karpenko NT 3rd Jason Oldfield 2007/08 @ Northam 1st Scott McPherson ACT 2nd Nathan Disney NSW 3rd Darryl Grimson NSW 2008/09 @ Manjimup 1st Brad Blake 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Ryan Halliday 2009/10 @ Manjimup 1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Jay Cardy 2011/11 @ Collie Speedway 1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Ryan Halliday 3rd Jason Moyle 2011/2012 @ Kalgoorlie Speedway 1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Brad Ludlow 3rd Brad Blake 2012/2013 @ Collie Speedway 1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Matt Goodlad 2013/2014 @ Bunbury Speedway 1st Marc Giancola 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Brad Blake 2014/2015 @ Collie Speedway 1st Jamie Oldfield 2nd Matt Goodlad 3rd Brad Blake 2015/2016 @ Albany Speedway ???? Pic: New Australian Champion Kodee Brown will make his first appearance at Albany this weekend.

Pic courtesy Peter Roebuck.

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