Vosbergen Wins Night Two!

Tonight at the Albany Speedway Club the Late Models returned for Night Two of the Easter Grand Prix and after the dust had settled it was Brent Vosbergen (Team Vosbergen Racing – TVR) who raced his way to victory in an epic thirty lap final!
Vosbergen qualified out of position four for the final, with Joe Chalmers (Team BCM Motorsport:) and Matt Nylander (Nylander Motorsport on the front row, while night one winner Freddy Kinsella (Team Green Racing) would start from position three.
As the race went green it was clear it would be run at a frenetic pace, Chalmers immediately into the lead.
Kinsella, from the second row, was suddenly underneath Chalmers in turn three and looking for the lead, Chalmers going high and holding position.
Behind them Brent Vosbergen also got by Matt Nylander for third while David Nylander (Nylander Motorsport), after an earlier DNF in a heat race, was also on a charge into fifth after starting ninth.
Chalmers and Kinsella pulled away from the rest of the field, even lapped traffic not slowing them while Matt Nylander did his best to get back by Vosbergen for third.
With ten laps down Chalmers set the quickest lap of the race to that point, but straight away Freddy fought back and went even quicker the next lap as the gap continued to close between the duo.
With fourteen laps complete Kinsella was right on Chalmers tail, then Chalmers jumped the cushion into turn one and collected the wall, giving Kinsella the chance he needed to dive through and take the lead.
Kinsella then had half a lose in turn one two laps later, slowing and able to get going again but by this time Chalmers and Vosbergen were both able to get by.
Not too long after, Damian Hudson (Hudson Racing Team) then spun in turn two with seventeen complete to bring on the first and only yellow flag of the race.
Cars went three wide at the restart between Chalmers, Kinsella and Vosbergen, Chalmers again coming off best as Kinsella raced back into second past Vosbergen.
Kinsella and Vosbergen then raced side by side for the next few laps as ahead of them Chalmers again hit the turn two wall, seeing Vosbergen the third different leader of the race on lap twenty.
Kinsella remained right behind him, again applying the blowtorch, ducking and diving around lapped cars as they fought for position, but still Vosbergen able to maintain the lead.
All of a sudden, David and Matt Nylander were also on the scene, putting pressure on Chalmers for third.
With five to go Vosbergen and Kinsella had split the seam, Chalmers well behind them and holding off David, Matt and also David Boyes (Boyes Motorsport) in an intense battle.
In the end though, despite the gap closing in the dying laps, Vosbergen went on to grab a popular win, defeating Kinsella by less than a second while Chalmers did a brilliant job to hold on for third.
David Nylander, Matt Nylander, David Boyes, Ben Strautins, Michael Holmes, Greg Horan, Damian Hudson, Chris Kent and Peter Mewett rounded out the field, all twelve of the nights starters finishing the event in an excellent display of Late Model racing.
A huge thanks to all the event sponsors who made the event possible: Kacen Hydraulic Repairs, Albany Forklifts & Industries, AFI Towing, Great Southern Boundries, Sadlers Butchers, Auswest 4WD, Muffler Rebel, Steve Franey, Dejonge Mechanical Repairs, Bennetts Batteries Lubricants and Filters, Harvs Tyres and Kosters Steel Constructions, plus also to Graeme McSweeney for putting the whole deal together!
We look forward now to the final night of the season, closing the Pro Dirt Series at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday, the 22nd of April!
Release by DTN Media.
Pics Courtesy JSP/DTN Media.
Official Results
Qualifying, 2 laps: 1. Joe Chalmers 16.507, 2. Freddy Kinsella 16.581, 3. Brent Vosbergen 16.827, 4. Matt Nylander 16.933, 5. Ben Strautins 17.110, 6. David Nylander 17.340, 7. Michael Holmes 17.415, 8. Damian Hudson 17.618, 9. David Boyes 17.952, 10. Greg Horan 18010, 11. Chris Kent 19.134, 12. Peter Mewett 19.354.
Heat One, 10 laps: 1. Joe Chalmers, 2. Brent Vosbergen 3. Michael Holmes, 4. Ben Strautins, 5. David Boyes, 6. Chris Kent (9). Total Time: 2.52.312. Winning Margin: 1.852. Fastest Lap: 19.636 Joe Chalmers.
Heat Two, 10 laps: 1. Freddy Kinsella, 2. Matt Nylander, 3. David Nylander, 4. Damian Hudson, 5. Greg Horan, 6. Peter Mewett (9). Total Time: 2.49.625. Winning Margin: 1.060. Fastest Lap: 16.581 David Nylander.
Heat Three, 10 laps: 1. Michael Holmes, 2. Brent Vosbergen, 3. Freddy Kinsella, 4. Greg Horan, 5. Chris Kent (9). DNF: David Nylander (😎. Total Time: Winning Margin: 1.730. Fastest Lap: 16.716 David Nylander.
Heat Four, 10 laps: 1. Matt Nylander, 2. Joe Chalmers, 3. Ben Strautins, 4. David Boyes, 5. Peter Mewett (9). DNF: Damian Hudson (1). Total Time: 2.51.546. Winning Margin: 1.395. Fastest Lap: 16.757 Matt Nylander.
Feature, 30 laps: 1. Brent Vosbergen, 2. Freddy Kinsella, 3. Joe Chalmers, 4. David Nylander, 5. Matt Nylander, 6. David Boyes, 7. Ben Strautins, 8. Michael Holmes, 9. Greg Horan (29), 10. Damian Hudson (28), 11. Chris Kent (25), 12. Peter Mewett (25). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.908. Fastest Lap: 16.422 Freddy Kinsella.