Vosbergen Dominates Hoosier Pro Dirt Series

PrintCraig Vosbergen proved this weekend that when it comes to Late Model racing in Western Australia, he is almost unstoppable.

Vosbergen last night dominated round six of the Hoosier Tyres Pro Dirt Series as he won both of his heat races on his way to victory in the twenty lap main event.

Indeed the feature was the race of the night, with Vosbergen starting on pole and racing away into the lead. Behind him cars went four wide as they came down the main straight for the first time with Michael Holmes shifting into second place ahead of Brad Ludlow.

While Vosbergen built up his lead, Warren Oldfield took over third place and then on lap seven he passed Holmes to take second place. A few laps later Oldfield went high which gave Ludlow and Holmes the chance to close on him, before Brad Ludlow was able to slide underneath him to claim second.

With nine laps to go the yellow lights came out after Rob Galloway found himself sideway in turn two, with Michael Holmes and then Marc Giancola both getting under Oldfield at the restart for third and fourth respectively.  Oldfield fought back and went around the outside of Giancola, then both Oldfield and Giancola passed Holmes in one swift move.

Despite all the goings on behind him, Vosbergen continued to dominate, pulling away with each lap and going on to record his third round win of the series, with Brad Ludlow second and Warren Oldfield third.

Earlier in the night heat races saw Vosbergen claim two wins, while Brad Ludlow and Matt Goodlad both claimed one win apiece.

Vosbergen now leads the Pro Dirt Series on 673 points, ahead of Oldfield on 648 and Michael Holmes on 588.

The Late Models now have a break until they return to Bunbury speedway on 28th December for round seven, which also doubles as the West Australian Late Model State Title.

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Official Results
Heat 1 – 1. Brad Ludlow, 2. Marc Giancola, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Jeremy Hale, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Lee Watt, 7. Brad Boley, 8. Phil Zudeima, 9. Rob Galloway.

Heat 2 – 1. Craig Vosbergen, 2. Jay Cardy, 3. Ben Ludlow, 4. Warren Oldfield, 5. Bryn Haythornthwaite, 6. Ryan Halliday, 7. Nat Muir, 8. Matt Goodlad, 9. Craig Greentree. DNF: Jac Dolmans.

Heat 3 – 1. Matt Goodlad, 2. Warren Oldfield, 3. Ryan Halliday, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Ben Ludlow, 6. Jeremy Hale, 7. Phil Zudeima, 8. Rob Galloway.

Heat 4 – 1. Craig Vosbergen, 2. Michael Holmes, 3. Nat Muir, 4. Brad Ludlow, 5. Jay Cardy, 6. Marc Giancola, 7. Craig Greentree, 8. Lee Watt, 9. Brad Boley. DNF: Bryn Haythornthwaite, Jac Dolmans.

Feature Race – 1. Craig Vosbergen, 2. Brad Ludlow, 3. Warren Oldfield, 4. Marc Giancola, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Jay Cardy, 7. Brad Blake, 8. Matt Goodlad, 9. Ben Ludlow, 10. Ryan Halliday, 11. Jeremy Hale, 12. Nat Muir, 13. Craig Greentree, 14. Phil Zudeima, 15. Brad Boley, 16. Rob Galloway. DNF: Bryn Haythornthwaite, Lee Watt. DNS: Jac Dolmans.










Points After Round 6

1. Craig Vosbergen 673
2. Warren Oldfield 648
3. Michael Holmes 588
4. Jay Cardy 568
5. Matt Goodlad 563
6. Lee Watt 543
7. Phil Zuidema 520
8. Brad Blake 493
9. Marc Giancola 490
10. Nat Muir 452
11. Brad Boley 449
12. Jamie Moon 400
13. Ben Ludlow 339
14. Brad Ludlow 307
15. Jason Oldfield 275
16. Simon McNab 236
17. Jeremy Hale 232
18. Bryn Haythornthwaite 231
19. Craig Greentree 224
20. Rob Galloway 215
21. Jason Moyle 191
22. Koran Atkinson 182
23. Ryan Ludlow 182
24. Mick Hamon 167
25. Jac Dolmans 160
26. Peter Seaton 145
27. Paul Joss 144
28. Chris Ferguson 129
29. Lance Ferguson 116
30. Ryan Halliday 90
31. Peter MacPherson 83
32. Alec Melvin 80
33. Morgan Melvin 71
34. Ken MacPherson 67










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