Stubber Wins Finale

Paul Stubber is the toast of the town tonight as he raced his way to victory in the final feature race of the season at the Perth Motorplex, defeating a determined Kye Blight and Michael Holmes in the hard fought twenty five lap feature.

Kye Blight and Jamie Oldfield would share the front row, with Marc Giancola and Ryan Halliday on the second row and Stubber and Holmes coming from row three.

Blight would get the initial jump, with Stubber and Giancola also moving past Oldfield in the opening stages, but the yellows were out quickly with Brad Blake spinning on the back straight, with Matt Goodlad and Jason Bond also spinning to avoid him.

On the complete restart Blight again got the jump again, but this time Oldfield went right with him, going underneath in turn three to lead the opening lap. Blight went back around Jamie’s outside on the back straight and would lead the second lap, with Stubber and Holmes fighting for third behind them.

Blight began to pull away as Stubber applied the pressure on Oldfield for second, while behind them Warren Oldfield was the first of the big shifters, moving into fifth after starting ninth.

With five laps complete the one and only yellow light would come on for the race, with Paul Joss stranded up against the turn two wall. He was unable to continue and would become the first retiree of the race. The only other retirement from the seventeen car field would be Morgan Melvin, heading infield on lap nine.

Blight would again break away on the restart, with Stubber quick to move into second, also followed by Holmes, relegating Oldfield to fourth. The big mover in the next few laps would be Veronica McCann who caught and passed Warren Oldfield for fifth place after starting in eleventh, then set out after the lead pack of four who had broken away slightly from the others.

Back up front Stubber was challenging Blight, moving underneath for the lead on lap twelve. The duo stayed in close proximity as they fought their way through lapped traffic, Michael Holmes stalking their every move as he too looked for an opportunity.

A fair distance behind them was a big battle for seventh between Blake, Goodlad and Giancola, the three drivers going three wide on more than one occasion as McCann began to chase down down Jamie Oldfield in fourth.

Up front though it was all Stubber as he raced away to defeats Blight by over two seconds, while Michael Holmes would come home in third. McCann would chase down Oldfield and get by him on the last lap to get fourth, and in the process the Hard Charger award.

With all the points totaled and tallied, Jamie Oldfield did enough to win the Perth Motorplex Track Championship by just eight points over Michael Holmes with Kye Blight third.

In what was a nail biting finish, he also did enough to claim the double and win the Maxima Oils Pro Dirt Series by just one solitary point over Kye Blight, while Warren Oldfield was just two points further behind in third place.

A full wrap up of the season and the points score will follow, but in the meantime thankyou to all those who have helped Late Models have one of our best seasons yet, and a huge congratulations to tonights place getters Paul Stubber, Kye Blight and Michael Holmes.

Contingency Awards
Pole Position – Jamie Oldfield.
Hard Charger – Veronica McCann
Maxima Oils 5th Place – Jamie Oldfield
Hoosier 10th Place – Ryan Halliday

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Pictures Courtesy Peter Roebuck.

Official Results

Heat One – 10 laps: 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Michael Holmes, 3. Paul Stubber, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Ryan Halliday, 6. Hayden Norman, 7. Jason Bond. DNF: Ryan Ludlow (6). DQ: Jeremy Hale (7). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.919. Fastest Lap: 17.384 Paul Stubber.

Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. Kye Blight, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Matt Goodlad, 4. Marc Giancola, 5. Veronica McCann, 6. Paul Joss, 7. Jay Cardy, 8. Morgan Melvin, 9. James Batley (9). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.351. Fastest Lap: 17.329 Kye Blight.

Heat Three – 10 laps: 1. Ryan Halliday, 2. Jay Cardy, 3. Paul Stubber, 4. Kye Blight, 5. Veronica McCann, 6. Paul Joss, 7. Warren Oldfield, 8. Jeremy Hale. DNS: Ryan Ludlow. Total Time: 2.55.133. Winning Margin: 0.939. Fastest Lap: 17.000 Paul Stubber.

Heat Four – 10 laps: 1. Marc Giancola, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Matt Goodlad, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Hayden Norman, 7. Morgan Melvin, 8. Jason Bond, 9. James Batley. Total Time: 2.55.771. Winning Margin: 0.401. Fastest Lap: 16.573 Jamie Oldfield.

Feature – 25 laps: 1. Paul Stubber, 2. Kye Blight, 3. Michael Holmes, 4. Veronica McCann, 5. Jamie Oldfield, 6. Warren Oldfield, 7. Brad Blake, 8. Matt Goodlad, 9. Marc Giancola, 10. Ryan Halliday, 11. Jay Cardy, 12. Hayden Norman (24), 13. James Batley (24), 14. Jeremy Hale (24), 15. Jason Bond (24). DNF: Morgan Melvin (9), Paul Joss (5). DNS: Ryan Ludlow. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.104. Fastest Lap: 17.840 Paul Stubber.

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