Season Ending Showdown!

It may have taken seventeen years and twenty one days, but Jason Oldfield (Oldfield Racing) has finally broken through for his second Perth Motorplex Pro Dirt Series feature race win!
In what was the final round of the 2022/23 Pro Dirt Series, Joe Chalmers (Team BCM Motorsport:) would claim a heat win and a third to be off pole in the thirty lap feature race alongside Veronica McCann (Veronica McCann – Red Hot Racing), with Oldfield having to come from the second row.
Chalmers would immediately move into the lead ahead McCann as the race went green with Oldfield into third before grabbing second from McCann on lap three.
After a yellow light for Damian Hudson (Hudson Racing Team) who spun after contact with Jay Cardy (Cardy Racing Components), the race would resume with McCann looking under Chalmers for the lead, but unable to quite make the move stick.
Jason Oldfield took this opportunity, and as McCann recovered he was able to race by her to claim second place.
Oldfield then outside Chalmers and grabbed the lead by 0.045 seconds on lap six.
Chalmers bit back at Oldfield and over next few laps the duo ran side by side, but each time Oldfield would get the better of him.
Lapped traffic came into play on lap thirteen and Chalmers again dove under Oldfield to retake the lead but again Oldfield moved back by to stay at the point.
At this juncture in proceedings, McCann was also fighting hard in third, managing to hold off points leaders Warren Oldfield (Oldfield Racing) and Brent Vosbergen (Team Vosbergen Racing – TVR) but eventually the pressure from Oldfield became too much, Warren getting by on lap fifteen for third.
Michael Holmes (Michael Holmes Racing) came from nowhere to join the battling pack and quickly got by Vosbergen and then McCann in one lap to be fourth on lap sixteen.
Back up front and Chalmers took the lead as he and Jason Oldfield crossed the line on lap seventeen, but only those two cars had crossed when the yellows came on for a spun Matt Nylander (Nylander Motorsport) in turn four, seeing the race go back to the last completed lap and Oldfield back in the lead.
Vosbergen got by Holmes for fourth on the restart while Oldfield was able to quickly get away from Chalemers before the yellows came on again after a few more laps were completed as Warren Minshull spun right in front of the leaders.
Once again the race would resume and with seven laps to go the yellows came on once more, this time for a slowing Veronica McCann on the front straight. Unfortunately, comeback racer Craig Vosbergen had nowhere to go, slamming the brakes on and then seeing Jay Cardy hit the back of Vosbergen, Vosbergen getting some significant air and coming to a stop on the front straight, with Damian Hudson also becoming involved.
The final seven laps would run without incident, and try as he might Chalmers could not get by Oldfield, Jason going on to claim the win ahead of Chalmers while Warren Oldfield would grab yet another podium finish to round out the season.
Full Pro Dirt Series points will be released shortly, while Warren Oldfield has officially done enough to claim the overall Perth Motorplex Track Championship, 103 points ahead of Vosbergen while Michael Holmes was twenty seven points behind in third place.
The 2022/23 Pro Dirt Series proudly bought to you by McPhee Freight, Maddington Toyota & Canning Vale Toyota, ABN Trade Mates, CTM Recruitment Pty Ltd, the PTE Group, SupaFit Seat Covers, Ross’s Auctioneers & Valuers, Global Testing Services, APM Roofing and Gutters, The Event Mill and Dirt Track Nutters.
Release by DTN Media.
Pics Courtesy JSP/DTN.
Contingency Awards
DTN Pole Position – Joe Chalmers
APM Roofing Hard Charger – Matt Nylander
All Star Winner – David Nylander
Official Results
Heat One, 8 laps: 1. Brent Vosbergen, 2. Michael Holmes, 3. Joe Chalmers, 4. Kodee Brown, 5. Jason Oldfield, 6. Freddy Kinsella, 7. Damian Hudson, 8. Craig Vosbergen, 9. David Boyes, 10. Matt Nylander, 11. Chris Barrow. DNF: David Nylander (7). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.711. Fastest Lap: 16.456 Brent Vosbergen.
Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Veronica McCann, 3. David Nylander, 4. Matt Goodlad, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Jay Cardy, 7.
Freddy Kinsella, 8. Brent Vosbergen, 9. Matt Nylander, 10. Kodee Brown, 11. Warren Minshull. Total Time: 2.13.473. Winning Margin: 16.380 Warren Oldfield.
Heat Three, 8 laps: 1. Joe Chalmers, 2. Jason Oldfield, 3. Craig Vosbergen, 4. Veronica McCann, 5. Matt Goodlad, 6. Damian Hudson, 7. Warren Oldfield, 8. Jay Cardy, 9. David Boyes, 10. Warren Minshull. DNF: Chris Barrow (4). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.064. Fastest Lap: 17.416 Jason Oldfield.
Feature, 30 laps: 1. Jason Oldfield, 2. Joe Chalmers, 3. Warren Oldfield, 4. Brent Vosbergen, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Kodee Brown, 7. Jay Cardy, 8. Matt Nylander, 9. David Nylander, 10. Matt Goodlad, 11. Freddy Kinsella, 12. Warren Minshull, 13. Damian Hudson, 14. David Boyes (29), DNF: Craig Vosbergen (23), Veronica McCann (23), Chris Barrow (20). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.650. Fastest Lap: 17.503 Jason Oldfield.