Rookie Ready to Rumble

One of the exciting things about Late Models is the growth that has occurred over the last few years. Part of this has been the influx of new competitors coming into the division, many of them youngsters ready to take on the thunder and lightning brigade, while others, those who have slightly more racing experience, are also ready to make their own impact.

Mick Comley is one of the competitors who has recently taken the step forward to move into the Late Model division. Coming from a Street Stock background, Comley also spent a lot of time crewing on the Oldfield machines, learning his trade, repairing damage, gaining some valuable experience and eventually finding a car and motor package within his budget that allowed him to step up.

The Rocket Chassis actually that he now has came about because of Warren Oldfield, who also loaned Comley a CT525 engine until his own arrived from the USA, which allowed Comley to spend the off season getting laps under his belt.

“I thought that the development rounds that I managed to get to were fairly good considering my lack of seat time in a late model,” said Comley. “We tweaked the car each round and managed a really good result at my last show in Pithara.”

Now moving into the summer season proper, Comley plans to do as many shows as his budget will allow, starting with round one of the XLI Pro Dirt Series (doubling as the Ray Tulk Memorial) at Ellenbrook Speedway on the 7th of October.

“I realise it’s a whole different ball game in the Pro Dirt Series,” says Comley, “So my aim is to race as clean as possible and just keep learning.”

Without the support of both Jamie and Warren Oldfield, Comley readily admits that this whole journey may never have begun. The duo work hard behind the scenes to help Comley tune both the car and the driver, while Ash De Groot and Kenny McPherson have also chipped in. Of course with this group of people there is plenty of fun around and now Comley has been dubbed the ‘Mount Helena Hustler’, taking the good natured ribbing in his stride.

‘Team media manager’ Ash De Groot has spent a lot of time behind the scenes not just working on the car, but also building a solid profile for the Hustler, such is his belief in Comley for this upcoming season.

“Comley is sharp,” De Groot says. “The Street Stock has taught him to hustle and how to make something out of nothing, something that will help him this season. And remember, Greatness only comes before Hustle in the dictionary!”

The friendly support aside, Comley seriously also acknowledges all the sponsors who have taken the opportunity to support him in achieving his dreams.

“Sponsors are so important in this game and Allwest Plant Hire have been great throughout my Street Stock days and even more so during my transition into Late Models,” says Comley. “I’d also like to say a big thank to the guys at Ultra Engines, Stick it Suspension and Ultratune Morley for all of their support, and if anyone else is keen to jump on board the #75 machine don’t hesitate to contact us!”

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