Race Starts and Re-Starts

The RED button below links to a PDF document for the proposed race start procedures to be implemented for the 2020-21 season.

Print out the attachment, put it on the desk and look at it when reading this content; then stick the drawing inside your trailer!!

This is the start method used by UMP and your LMRWA Mngt Group has approval and support from the Motorplex and the Chief Steward to implement it for Latemodels.

·       Two orange markers will be on the fence in turn 4. Please make yourself acquainted with them before driving onto the track for the first time!

·       The pole car will start the race by being the first car to fire.

·       The pole car can fire (start) anywhere in this zone.

·       The Chief Steward will then call green and all cars can fire and pass.

·       A jump start from the pole car will be judged if it fires outside the Zone.

·       A jump start from any other car will be judged if a car fires before the pole car.

·       Any jump start will result in a 1 row penalty.

Suitable markers will be available at other tracks and drivers will be advised at the drivers briefing.

Your understanding and co-operation will result in our division raising its professional profile in the eyes of the public, reduce the amount of re-starts and be the last division to have laps cut from races!

Race Starts and Re-Starts Diagram