While the LMRWA Late Model boys were belting themselves up at Bunbury and Kalgoolie, Paul Stubber was racing his well known Yellow Camaro at Sandown and Philip Island and slipped in the WildWood Rock Extreme offroad motorcycle enduro just north of Melbourne for good measure!!


The results were near perfect apart from dropping one race with a mechanical issue with Paul put the trusty Camaro on pole, won all races and re-set the lap records at both tracks. As usual the Victorians were glad to see the “backside” of Stubber’s racing team who now turn their focus to the Latemodel.


After a cautious start to the season and the frustration of having to miss a couple of LMRWA  shows in November Stubber said “It is time to tighten up and harden up, I look at the Oldfields pass me with a push and think, fast, brave or stupid, well it’s time to find out!! ”


To maximize his performance Paul has organized for Ron Pyne to set the Late Model up for the Dec 6 twin features at the Perth Motorplex. “Every time I drive a car from Ron its “ALL GAS” so I don’t think this time will be any different. I can’t say enough about having a guy with Ron’s collective knowledge in our corner and I am really grateful he takes the time to help us out. Our phone bills debating car setup options must keep Telstra shares afloat!” said Paul


Ron has a full card in January and not free to assist during the USA tour so Paul had a discussion with Mark Richards from Rocket Chassis who recommended a fellow that has worked with top echelon of Late Model drivers in the USA…Earl Pearson Jr, Billy Moyer, Darryl Lanigan and Josh Richards of late.


Randall Edwards will arrive in time to set up the two Rocket Chassis in Stubbers race shop in Bunbury and oversee the 4 nights of racing and two private hire days!


“Racing in Dec and Jan is just wide open. We have three LMRWA races in Dec and four in Jan! and for good measure, so I don’t miss out on too much seat time, I am committed to a 24Hr endurance race in Dubai on the weekend before the start of the USA tour. Driving a Porsche for Italian team GDL we collected third in class last year and will work hard to take the top step.”


The team is really looking forward to having “Rockin Randall” on board for the Late Model USA INVASION TOUR. “He is really well credentialed and while we can usually roll up to a circuit race event and get straight on the pace we have got a huge learning curve in front of us with speedway and we are enjoying the challenge. We have committed to have a real swing at Speedway for the next 5 years and will do everything in our capacity to accelerate the knowledge needed to be regularly on the pace” said Paul


By Ray Hale for LMRWA

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