Pancho’s Pole Position Award Popular

So far this season across the seven rounds of the XLI Pro Dirt Series, there have been six drivers who have claimed the pole position start for the feature races, with Ryan Halliday, claiming it twice while Jay Cardy, Brad Blake, Paul Stubber, Warren Oldfield and Kye Blight have each claimed it once.

Every time a driver claims that coveted position, they get two extra perks aside from starting on the front row; one being a bonus point to go towards the overall XLI Pro Dirt Series Championship, the other being 2 x $25 Pancho’s Restaurant voucher!

The Pancho’s Restaurants are conveniently located in Victoria Park and Mount Lawley and will certainly not disappoint with the quality of their food and service, so with or without a voucher, we encourage all our drivers, crews, officials and fans to head out there and enjoy a meal!

Bonus points have shown over time that they can certainly add some spice to the overall XLI Pro Dirt Series rankings (just look at last years results!!!) and it is for this reason that the Hard Charger in each feature also gets awarded a bonus point courtesy of the Late Model Racing Western Australia media team, the Dirt Track Nutters.

DTN has been working with the Late Models for a number of years and the whole team is excited to continue that partnership now and well into the future. Interestingly, across the six feature races there have been six different winners of the award.

Both of these awards will continue to be in play during the Di Candilo Steel City USA Invasion Tour, giving drivers yet another reason to continue pushing themselves to achieve the best results possible!

Release by DTN Media.

Panchos Pole Position Round 1 Winner – Jay Cardy
Panchos Pole Position Round 2 Winner – Paul Stubber
Panchos Pole Position Round 3 Winner – Warren Oldfield
Panchos Pole Position Round 4 Winner – Ryan Halliday
Panchos Pole Position Round 5 Winner – Ryan Halliday
Panchos Pole Position Round 6 Winner – Brad Blake
Panchos Pole Position Round 7 Winner – Kye Blight

DTN Hard Charger Round 1 Winner – Veronica McCann
DTN Hard Charger Round 2 Winner – Ryan Ludlow
DTN Hard Charger Round 3 Winner – Mick Comley
DTN Hard Charger Round 4 Winner – Warren Oldfield
DTN Hard Charger Round 5 Winner – Joe Chalmers
DTN Hard Charger Round 6 Winner – Not Awarded
DTN Hard Charger Round 7 Winner – Brad Blake

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