On Track Line Up Procedure

The button below links to a PDF document for the proposed line up procedures to be implemented for the 2020-2021 season.

With the desire to benefit all tracks and assist the Motorplex meet the Govt imposed curfew your LMRWA Mngt Group, with the assistance of Chief Steward wish to implement a more efficient line up method.

·       The pace car will be stationary at the flag stand

·       Know your correct start position before you enter the track.

·       Leave enough room on the roll out if a driver knows there is a car missing in front of you.

·       The Chief Steward (CS) will advise if required

·       When lined up in the correct order the CS will instruct to the start.

This is in the interests of reducing our time to get set up and provide every reason not to cut our race laps.

On Track Line Up Procedure Diagram