Oldfield Survives

Jamie Oldfield has tonight survived a war of attrition and shown his true class as he raced to a dominant and clean victory in the final Magic Man 34 race.

Unfortunately the feature race didn’t go as planned for many competitors, with a number ending on the infield and even more suffering some form of damage during the incident riddled feature that was declared after just twenty five of the thirty four laps were completed.

Twenty five cars took the green flag, with Warren Oldfield immediately grabbing the lead from pole sitter Brad Blake. Unfortunately that lasted just half a lap as Oldfield headed infield off the back straight and would take no further part. At the same time Matt Goodlad and Ryan Halliday made heavy contact coming out of turn one, but the yellows came on for a third separate incident at the same time, this one with James Batley spinning in turn one, which in turn saw Morgan Melvin spin in his attempts to avoid Batley.

The race got underway once again, this time with Blake leading Jamie Oldfield, while lap three would see the next incident as Goodlad, Jay Cardy and Veronica McCann all slammed into each other as they went three wide, leaving McCann spinning infield without a stoppage.

Jamie Oldfield passed Blake for the lead shortly after and this is when all chaos appeared to break loose as Paul Stubber made his presence felt, trying to follow Jamie through, while Marc Giancola was also involved. It ended with cars going everywhere, Giancola facing the wrong way in turn two requiring the tow truck, Stubber infield and Goodlad also retiring.

Unfortunately the chaos didn’t end there. The ensuing restart would see a number of cars get baulked and as a result come together, with one car lifting the front wheels up way in the air and ending with a few cars stranded, the worst off being Hayden Norman who was also forced infield.

Oldfield would continue his clean run, avoiding the incidents as he raced away from Blake on the restart, with Ryan Halliday and a very second hand looking Jay Cardy following closely.

With ten complete David Nylander slowed and began to head infield, with Batley and visiting South Aussie Roger Oliver coming together as they attempted to avoid Nylander and bringing out the yellows once again.

Oldfield led away again, but it would only last for one lap as Ryan Ludlow and Jeremy Hale came together in turn four, bringing out the yellows again.

Halliday would use this restart to grab second from Blake, but a lap later Blake would move back around Halliday to reclaim the position, while Cardy then passed Halliday as did Lee Watt who had passed nineteen cars to come from twenty third to be sitting in fourth.

The race continued on from here but ultimately it would be declared on lap twenty five after an incident that saw Jay Cardy hit the front straight wall hard and Roger Oliver disqualified for his part in the incident.

Jamie Oldfield would officially be deemed the winner ahead of Brad Blake and Jay Cardy.

The Late Models now have a short time to regroup before they make the trek down the highway for the first time this season to compete at the Bunbury circuit on the 19th of November, so stay tuned for all those details.

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