Oldfield in a Thriller!

In an interesting irony, Jason Oldfield aboard the Oldfield Racing #11 has tonight raced his way from position eleven on the grid to win a thrilling race at the Perth Motorplex, doubling as Round 11 of the Pro Dirt Series presented by the team at ABN Trade Mates.
Although some tough heat results saw him start further back than he would have liked, Jason took his crew’s advice and just got in and drove the thing, though it wasn’t until right near the end of the thirty-lap feature that he really made his presence known.
Jamie Oldfield (Oldfield Racing) would be the man starting from pole position and he would lead through the opening turn, fellow front row starter Jay Cardy (Cardy Racing Components) right on his hammer.
Third place starting Brad Blake launched into the curb in turn two and had a half lose, dropping a pile of positions, but up front Warren Oldfield (Oldfield Racing) managed to make his way past Cardy for second.
Behind them was a great four car battle between Matt Nylander (Nylander Motorsport), Matt Goodlad (Daytona Racing), Joe Chalmers (Team BCM Motorsport:) and Rod Musarra (@teamrocket) for fourth.
The lead cars encountered lapped traffic for the first time with eight laps complete, with no changes right at the front though Chalmers was able to grab fourth as Jason Oldfield chased down and passed cars to grab sixth, with Kye Blight (BAR31 Team) coming from position fifteen, right on his tail.
Oldfield and Blight would close on Matt Nylander, Jason pulling a slidejob though turn four and losing some speed as he drifted up, seeing Nylander run into the back of him, spinning in turn four and bringing on the yellows, ultimately retiring despite attempting to restart.
Cardy used the highline on the restart to get around Warren Oldfield and kept the boot into it to catch Jamie, just passing him to grab the lead with twelve compete.
Chalmers also passed Warren for third and set out after Jamie, passing him for second shortly after before Jamie went back by for the position, closing in on Cardy as he touched the fence.
Jason Oldfield was suddenly back on the scene and moved into third with fourteen to go, the order now Cardy, Jamie, Jason, Chalmers, Blight and Warren.
Cardy regained his composure at the front while behind him Jamie ran high, Jason moving low, closing the gap and grabbing second on lap nineteen.
Chalmers would follow him right through for third.
With ten to go Cardy was still leading but now in lapped traffic, Jason Oldfield also making his way through and closing on Cardy as the traffic got heavier.
Cardy ran high, Jason ran mid track and Chalmers was right behind them as they continued to battle their way through cars and Oldfield managed to close on Cardy with six to go.
Going through turns one and two Oldfield dove under Cardy and grabbed the lead out of turn two but Cardy went back by in turns three and four.
The laps wound down and still Cardy maintained the lead on Jason, with Chalmers and Blight right behind them, the top four now clear of the rest of the field.
Jason dove low with two to go, got the nose in front one and two and this time held it through three and four with one lap to go.
The final lap would be chaos, Oldfield trying to pull away, Chalmers running the low line and getting past Cardy for second then Cardy trying to get back past Chalmers only to lose third to a charging Blight on the line in what was an epic finish, Jason Oldfield officially defeating Chalmers and Cardy.
The show was the perfect lead in to next weekend’s massive show, the WA Late Model Title, and with a huge field expected, you better make sure to mark the event in your diaries as it will be held over two huge nights, this Friday and Saturday!
Release by DTN Media.
Pic Courtesy Cochrane Photography.
Contingency Awards
DTN Pole Sitter – Jamie Oldfield
Heatley’s Hard Charger – Kye Blight
Ross’s All Star Award – Rod Musarra
Supafit Supa 7th Place – Matt Goodlad
Official Results
Heat 1, 8 laps: 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Joe Chalmers, 3. Ken Macpherson, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Kye Blight, 6. Michael Holmes, 7. Veronica McCann, 8. Jason Oldfield, 9. Matt Nylander, 10. Matt Goodlad, 11. Damian Hudson, 12. Abbey Pickering, 13. Nathan Callaghan, 14. Greg Horan (7). Total Time: 2.21.110 Winning Margin: 0.665 Fastest Lap: 16.693, Matt Nylander
Heat 2, 8 laps: 1. Jamie Oldfield, 2. Jay Cardy, 3. Rod Musarra, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Joe Chalmers, 7. Luke Halliday, 8. Warren Oldfield, 9. Peter Walker, 10. Damian Hudson, 11. Abbey Pickering, 12. Peter Seaton (7), 13. Chris Barrow (7) DNS: Ken MacPherson. Total Time: 2.15.434 Winning Margin: 0.878 Fastest Lap: 16.573, Jamie Oldfield
Heat 3, 8 laps: 1. Matt Nylander, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Matt Goodlad, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Luke Halliday, 6. Jason Oldfield, 7. Chris Barrow, 8. Rod Musarra, 9. Greg Horan, 10. Peter Walker (7), 11. Nathan Callaghan (7), Nathan Richards (7), Peter Seaton (7). DNF: Veronica McCann (1). DNS: Kye Blight. Total Time: 2.19.919 Winning Margin: 3.974, Fastest Lap: 16.867, Matt Nylander.
Feature, 30 laps: 1. Jason Oldfield, 2. Joe Chalmers, 3. Kye Blight, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Jamie Oldfield, 6. Brad Blake, 7. Matt Goodlad, 8. Veronica McCann, 9. Michael Holmes, 10. Rod Musarra, 11. Luke Halliday, 12. Warren Oldfield, 13. Peter Walker (29), 14. Abbey Pickering (29), 15. Nathan Callaghan (28), 16. Peter Seaton (28), 17. Chris Barrow (28), 18. Damian Hudson (28), 19. Greg Horan (28). DNF: Matt Nylander (10), Nathan Richards (3). DNS: Ken MacPherson. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.496 Fastest Lap: 16.764, Jamie Oldfield.