Oldfield in a Thriller!

Jamie Oldfield (Oldfield Racing) has returned to the Pro Dirt Series feature winners circle for the first time in ten months and what a way to do it, with an epic feature race last night at the Perth Motorplex for Round Two, proudly presented by ABN Trade Mates.
He was strong all night, racing to a heat win and a second place to set up a pole position start alongside the impressive Michael Holmes (Michael Holmes Racing), while the second row was filled out by fierce rivals in Brent Vosbergen (Team Vosbergen Racing – TVR) and Warren Oldfield (Oldfield Racing).
Jamie would lead the first and second attempts at a start, but both would come under yellows, firstly for Damian Hudson (Hudson Racing Team) who spun at the start while David Boyes (Boyes Motorsport) went infield after dropping oil, then a second start as David Nylander (Nylander Motorsport) found himself facing backwards at the top of turns one and two.
Attempt three saw the race finally get underway and Jamie was away again, but Kye Blight (Kye Blight Racing) used the highline to perfection to essentially come from nowhere (having been tucked back in starting position six anyway!) and drive right around the outside of a number of cars including Oldfield to grab the lead on the first circulation.
He was nearly two seconds ahead with two laps completed, with Jamie running alone in second as Michael Holmes and Warren Oldfield battled for third, Warren making the pass on lap four.
Lapped traffic came into play shortly after and Kye simply drove around them, but still Jamie was able make up some ground on him.
There was also a great battle for fifth between Kodee Brown (McCorry Brown Racing Team) and Vosbergen, the duo side by side lap after lap, with Joe Chalmers (Team BCM Motorsport:) and David Nylander right behind them.
Back up front, with nine complete, Jamie had closed the gap to just over 0.4 of a second, while Warren was now running a lonely race in third.
Vosbergen passed Holmes for fourth, while Chalmers and Nylander passed Brown for sixth and seventh respectively on lap twelve.
Lap fourteen saw Vosbergen have a moment, which allowed Holmes back by for fourth and Chalmers to pass him for fifth, but two laps later Holmes would retire infield, ending what was looking to be a strong run for the popular driver.
By lap seventeen Blight had lapped fifth placed Vosbergen, while Jamie was trying to lap the battling cars of Nylander, Brown, Paul Stubber (Bar31) and Vosbergen, which gave Kye some breathing room, while at this point, Warren was half a lap behind Jamie in third and cars were spread out all over the track.
With five to go Blight was on the back of fourth placed Chalmers and looking to make the pass, but the yellows came on for a stranded Hudson in turn four, seeing officials having to sort the order out once again, with lapped cars now making up the majority of the field.
The whole makeup of the race would shift once again under the yellow lights though, with Blight slowing for a check on the infield and then being forced infield after issues with the left rear, handing the lead to Jamie Oldfield.
He would lead with Chalmers chasing hard and Warren in third, with the rest of the field a lap down.
A huge slidejob with three to go saw Chalmers grab the lead from Oldfield, but Jamie didn’t give up, the two split by 0.032 seconds with two laps to go.
Coming out of turn two Jamie retook the lead, and Warren joined the party looking under Chalmers for second and making the move at the last possible second to steal second, Jamie officially winning the race from Warren with Chalmers in third.
It would be Jamie’s twenty third Pro Dirt Series feature race win, tying him with Craig Vosbergen for third on the overall winners list, while it was also his twenty seventh career feature race win at the Perth Motorplex.
David Nylander and Kodee Brown rounded out the top five finishers in what was an epic, action packed, night of racing, proudly presented by ABN Trade Mates.
The Pro Dirt Series will now have a twenty day break ahead of a massive two-night road trip, with Esperance Toyota Speedway hosting Round Three (proudly presented by SupaFit Seat Covers) on Friday the 15th of November, and Kalgoorlie International Speedway hosting Round Four (presented by Dirt Track Nutters) the following night, so the next few weeks are going to be huge as we get ready to roll once again!
Release by DTN Media.
Contingency Awards
DTN Pole Position – Jamie Oldfield
APM Roofing Hard Charger – Luke Halliday (+9)
All Star Winner – David Nylander
Official Results
Heat One, 8 laps: 1. 91 Michael Holmes, 2. 54 David Nylander, 3. 41 Kye Blight, 4. 15 Warren Oldfield, 5. 23 Joe Chalmers, 6. 07 Kodee Brown, 7. 52 Jay Cardy, 8. 34 Matt Nylander, 9. 80 Damian Hudson. DNF: 04 Greg Horan (4). Total Time: 2.17.678. Winning Margin: 0.592. Fastest Lap: 16.652 David Nylander.
Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 2. 0 Brad Blake, 3. 21 Rod Musarra, 4. 8 Brent Vosbergen, 5. 31 Paul Stubber, 6. 18 Matt Goodlad, 7. 90 David Boyes, 8. 318 Freddy Kinsella, 9. 22 Luke Halliday, 10. 50 Veronica McCann, 11. 14 Willy Powell. Total Time: 2.18.393. Winning Margin: 3.030. Fastest Lap: 16.471 Jamie Oldfield.
Heat Three, 8 laps: 1. 07 Kodee Brown, 2. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 3. 31 Paul Stubber, 4. 34 Matt Nylander, 5. 23 Joe Chalmers, 6. 50 Veronica McCann, 7. 318 Freddy Kinsella, 8. 90 David Boyes, 9. 80 Damian Hudson. DNS: 14 Willy Powell. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.963. Fastest Lap: 16.244 Kodee Brown.
Heat Four, 8 laps: 1. 8 Brent Vosbergen, 2. 15 Warren Oldfield, 3. 91 Michael Holmes, 4. 41 Kye Blight, 5. 18 Matt Goodlad, 6. 21 Rod Musarra, 7. 54 David Nylander, 8. 52 Jay Cardy, 9. 22 Luke Halliday. DNF: 0 Brad Blake (5). DNS: 04 Greg Horan. Total Time: 2.12.187. Winning Margin: 1.346. Fastest Lap: 15.844 Brent Vosbergen.
Feature, 30 laps: 1. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 2. 15 Warren Oldfield, 3. 23 Joe Chalmers, 4. 54 David Nylander (24), 5. 07 Kodee Brown (24), 6. 8 Brent Vosbergen (24), 7. 31 Paul Stubber (29), 8. 34 Matt Nylander (29), 9. 22 Luke Halliday (29), 10. 18 Matt Goodlad (29), 11. 50 Veronica McCann (29), 12. 21 Rod Musarra (29), 13. 52 Jay Cardy (28). DNF: 318 Freddy Kinsella (25), 41 Kye Blight (25), 14 Willy Powell (18), 91 Michael Holmes (16), 90 David Boyes (0). DQ: 80 Damian Hudson. DNS: 0 Brad Blake, 04 Greg Horan. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.781. Fastest Lap: 15.684 Kye Blight.