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Warren Oldfield has added another win to his already bursting resume and in the process tightened his grip on the points at the top of the RACIN Pro Dirt Series table as he claimed the win last weekend at Kalgoorlie Speedway.

Nineteen cars made the journey up the highway, but only thirteen cars would start the feature after the heat racing action took its toll, with Jamie Oldfield smoking an engine, Jamie Moon losing oil pressure in hot laps and withdrawing, Ryan Halliday suffering extensive damage in the A dash, with Jai Mazzini, Jayden Meckenstock and Jason Moyle also unable to take part.

The feature saw Jason Oldfield and Lee Watt off the front row together, with the race taking three starts to get underway, including one nasty incident that has left Veronica McCann in plaster for at least two weeks.

Jason Oldfield led Watt and Warren Oldfield (who started from position eight) when the yellows come back out after four laps after Holmes spun and Hale made contact. Vosbergen and Blake joined the battle for the lead when the greens come back on, while Warren Oldfield got past Watt.

The yellows came back on when Jay Cardy spun with 20 to go, while Vosbergen got to third passing Watt, who was quickly followed by Brad Blake and Matt Goodlad. Vosbergen and Warren Oldfield battled lap after lap, making contact with each other regularly, and it ended with Vosbergen suffering steering damage and being forced to withdraw with just four laps remaining.

With ten to go, Warren Oldfield had hit the front and didn’t look back, winning comfortably, ahead of Jason Oldfield in second who finished with a broken rear shockie and drove very smartly to hold his position, while Brad Blake came home third. Matt Goodlad, Lee Watt, Jay Cardy, Michael Holmes, Nat Muir, Phil Zuidema and Jeremy Hale rounded out the ten finishers.

Earlier in the night the opening heat saw last start at Kalgoorlie winner Lee Watt claim the win, while Warren Oldfield crossed the line in first place in heat two, but then got relegated six positions for infield passes, leaving Jason Oldfield the winner.

Heat three was officially won by Warren Oldfield while the final heat went to Ryan Halliday.

The A Dash was controversial as the drivers battled it out, with Warren Oldfield passing Craig Vosbergen around the outside for fourth and then trying the same move with Halliday for third. Unfortunately it didn’t come off the second time around, with the two making contact causing Halliday to spin and a number of other cars to collide with him. The race was declared with Warren Oldfield relegated to the rear in the results. The B Dash was then taken out by Phil Zuidema.

The next meeting will be held at the Perth Motorplex in a fortnight’s time on the 6th of December where the Late Models will compete in a twin features night.

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Contingency Award Winners

Hoosier Award –  Michael Holmes

Lucas Oils Pole Award — Jason Oldfield

Cardy Racing Components Award – Nat Muir


Official Results

Late Models Heat 1 – 10 Laps: 1. 10 Lee Watt, 2. 18 Matt Goodlad, 3. 39 Phil Zuidema, 4. 63 Koran Atkinson, 5. 91 Michael Holmes, 6. 52 Jay Cardy, 7. 50 Jason Moyle, 8. 16 Veronica McCann, 9. 60 Jayden Meckenstock

Late Models Heat 2 – 10 Laps: 1. 55 Jason Oldfield, 2. 8 Craig Vosbergen, 3. 0 Brad Blake, 4. 99 Ryan Halliday, 5.51 Jamie Oldfield, 6. 12 Nat Muir, 7. 15 Warren Oldfield, 8. 42 Jai Mazzini, 9. 77 Jeremy Hale

Late Models Heat 3 – 10 Laps: 1. 15 Warren Oldfield, 2. 12 Nat Muir, 3. 8 Craig Vosbergen, 4. 52 Jay Cardy, 5. 0 Brad Blake, 6. 18 Matt Goodlad. DNF: 16 Veronica McCann (9), 51 Jamie Oldfield (7), 50 Jason Moyle (4)

Late Models Heat 4 – 10 Laps: 1. 99 Ryan Halliday, 2. 10 Lee Watt, 3. 55 Jason Oldfield, 4. 91 Michael Holmes, 5. 63 Koran Atkinson, 6. 77 Jeremy Hale, 7. 39 Phil Zuidema, DNF: 60 Jayden Meckenstock (1), DNS: 42 Jai Mazzini

Late Models A Dash – 6 Laps: 1. 55 Jason Oldfield, 2. 10 Lee Watt, 3. 99 Ryan Halliday, 4. 8 Craig Vosbergen, 5. 18 Matt Goodlad, 6. 0 Brad Blake, 7. 12 Nat Muir, 8. 15 Warren Oldfield

Late Models B Dash – 6 Laps: 1. 39 Phil Zuidema, 2. 63 Koran Atkinson, 3. 91 Michael Holmes, 4. 52 Jay Cardy, 5. 16 Veronica McCann, 6. 77 Jeremy Hale. DNF: 60 Jayden Meckenstock. DNS: 50 Jason Moyle

Late Model A Main – 30 Laps: 1. 15 Warren Oldfield, 2. 55 Jason Oldfield, 3. 0 Brad Blake, 4. 18 Matt Goodlad, 5. 10 Lee Watt, 6. 52 Jay Cardy, 7. 91 Michael Holmes, 8. 12 Nat Muir, 9. Phil Zuidema, 10. 77 Jeremy Hale (29), DNF: 63 Koran Atkinson (27), 8 Craig Vosbergen (26), 16 Veronica McCann (0). DNS: 60 Jayden Meckenstock, 99 Ryan Halliday, 51 Jamie Oldfield, 42 Jai Mazzini, 50 Jason Moyle, 71 Jamie Moon.

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