Nationals Format Released!

This weekend’s Di Candilo Steel City Late Model Nationals is set to be an absolute corker, but one of the questions on many people’s lips is, what will the format be?

All thirty eight cars will qualify to open their Nationals campaign, with forty points awarded to the fastest qualifier, with one point increments down to 38th place.

This qualifying session will also set the grids for the opening night, with fastest qualifier going to the pole in heat one, second fastest pole in heat two, third fastest pole in heat three, fourth fastest pole in heat four and so on to fill the four heats to be nine and ten car heats over eight laps each.

The second round of heats will be a complete invert and row switch, so inside row starters will go to the outside and vice versa, with a total of eight heats to be conducted on the first night.

At the completion of the heats, points will be merged (Heat Points 30, 27, 25, 23 etc.), with the odd positions (1, 3, 5, 7 etc.) determining the starting order for preliminary feature 1, while the even positions (2, 4, 6, 8 etc.) will determine the starting positions for preliminary feature 2.

Each of the preliminary feature races will be twenty laps and have the same points allocated to them as the qualifying session, with 40 points to the winner of each and going down in one point increments.

Night Two will see the Late Models given the chance to do hot laps to dial cars in with no points on the line.

The final round of three heats on Night Two will see the highest point scorer from night one from pole in heat one, the second highest points from pole in heat two and so on.

A combination of all these points, i.e. from night one qualifying, the eight night one heats, the two preliminary feature races on night one and the final round of heats on night two, will all combine to then set the grids for the all-important finals.

Any ties on points will be separated by the night one qualifying times.

The five American and the top five Australians on points will then get the chance to compete in a D Candilo Steel City USA vs Australia Challenge; a series of five, two lap match races, with further details to be announced later today. This will have no bearing on feature starting positions.

The top twenty cars on points will transfer directly into the feature event while those from positions twenty one onwards will fight it out in the B Main for the final four transfer positions. The B Main will be held over twelve laps while the Di Candilo Steel City Late Model Nationals feature will be held over an almighty forty laps.

USA Invasion Tour points overall will awarded as per the normal XLI Pro Dirt Series, including the preliminary feature events.

It is set to be a cracking weekend, so make sure you have your backside trackside this Saturday and Sunday night!

Release by DTN Media.

Pics Courtesy Peter Roebuck and Mel Parker.

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