McPherson Dominant

Ken McPherson has dominated today’s round of the Late Model Development Series at Ellenbrook Speedway.

Against a strong thirteen car field McPherson dominated proceedings, withstanding pressure in particular from young gun Brent avisbergen to claim both the heat wins and the twenty lap feature race.

The opener saw McPherson survive a restart and considerable pressure from Vosbergen to claim the win while the second saw Peter Seaton leading the early going.

Matt Nylander took the outside line and claimed the lead but went into the wall with the yellows coming on. Seaton led away Dean King and McPherson on the restart, with Kenny quickly moving into second, then going around Seaton to claim the lead. From here he raced away to open a hug gap and claimed the win from Seaton and King.

The final saw Seaton and Vosbergen sharing the front row, with the young Vos getting the lead, while McPherson was quickly in pursuit. The yellows came on numerous times, first for Matt Nylander in the wall, then for Steve Bond who was spun and hit by Clint Phillip.

The restart saw Vosbergen pull away but lapped traffic enabled Mcpherson to catch him. That being said, it wasn’t until the last corner of the last lap when Mcapherson managed to fight his way into the lead and cross the line ahead of Vosbergen and Dean King.

The series now has a short break before the next round of the Development Series back at Ellenbrook Speedway on the 22nd of June.

Release by DTN Media.

Late Models Heat 1 – 8 Laps: 1. 39 Kenny McPherson, 2. 13 Brent Vosbergen, 3. 97 Steve Bond, 4. 18 Peter Seaton, 5. 21 Dean King, 6. 34 Matt Nylander, 7. 4 Mick Andrews, 8. 30 Mark Matthews, 9. 44B Alan Nylander, 10. 32 Terry Haines, 11. 22 Nathan Penn, 12. 96 Clint Phillip. DNS: 44 Lance Ferguson.

Late Models Heat 2 – 8 Laps: 1. 39 Kenny McPherson, 2. 18 Peter Seaton, 3. 21 Dean King, 4. 34 Matt Nylander, 5. 13 Brent Vosbergen, 6. 44B Allan Nylander, 7. 97 Steven Bond, 8. 32 Terry Haines, 9. 4 Mick Andrews, 10. 44 Lance Ferguson, 11. 96 Clint Philip, 12. 30 Mark Matthews, 13. 22 Nathan Penn

Late Model Feature – 20 Laps: 1. 39 Kenny McPherson, 2. 13 Brent Vosbergen, 3. 21 Dean King, 4. 97 Steven Bond, 5. 4 Mick Andrews, 6. 30 Mark Matthews, 7. 96 Clint Philip,8. 22 Nathan Penn, 9. 34 Matt Nylander, 10. 18 Peter Seaton, 11. 44 Lance Fergerson. DNS: 32 Terry Haines, 44B Allan Nylander.

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