Massive Season for McNab

Another of the great things about Late Models in Western Australia is the fact that the division is filled with a huge variety of personalities, adding some spice at the track as well behind the scenes of the sport.

Of course, with the invention of Facebook this had skyrocketed, and one who has a personality that certainly stands out is none other than Simon ‘Awesome’ McNab, who has a unique way of sharing his views on the world and Late Model racing that makes his popular amongst the fraternity.

Having been around for a few years now, ‘Awesome’ last season enlisted the help of a new Crew Chief in Phil Richards, himself a former Late Model racer, with the results being immediate and Simon learning, in his own words, to get off the throttle, allowing him to gain more speed.

“Last season Phil Richards came on board as Crew Chief: he’s obviously done something really bad and needs to punish himself!” laughs Simon, tongue in cheek. “We are polar opposites though: he just does stuff and doesn’t talk much, whereas I never stop talking about doing stuff, but it works fantastically in comparative terms to my previous endeavors.”

This season will be more of the same for the duo, with the team aiming to race at every given opportunity.

“This year we want to race as much as possible,” says Simon. “Laps are everything: it seems stupid to be talking about ramping up at the age of 55, but we got better last year and we want to build on that.”

On top of this was the huge news announced a while back, where Simon, along with some international help, will be fielding an extra two cars for the Di Candilo Steel City USA Invasion Tour, something that he hope will motivate the locals and intrinsically benefit the WA State competition.

“The Americans deal is going to be great,” he says. “It’s always been a stretch previously and at those times you’d say well worth the effort. In the early days we had some involvement with visiting drivers, guys like Ray and Joe Godsey, Ron Miller, Todd and Rody Schroyer, and now this year Roth Racing, who run the Mars Series back in the USA, are bringing all their stuff down here to have a racing holiday, represent their country and join four other Americans showing us West Aussie’s how it’s done. At the end of the tour they will also hopefully sell some great equipment into the sport down here which intrinsically benefits all of us.”

“At the end of the day Jeff Roth, as a team owner, has stepped well and truly up to the plate. He and Joe Godsey will create some new boundaries by doing what they are on such a grand scale: along with a 40 foot container of the latest and best race equipment, their visiting contingent will be around eight people, with their supporter group numbering another five or so including one of the owners of the UMP series and it’s clearly a reasonably sized undertaking. Webb Dillard pre the catastrophic events in Florida had also confirmed re coverage for Dirt on Dirt but unfortunately Webb lost pretty well everything when Cyclone Irma hit the coast over there. He and his family are in our thoughts and we hope that he can still make it down here and share in the growth of this event.”

The Di Candilo Steel City USA Invasion Tour is certainly going to be huge, but for now, McNab’s focus is on doing the best he can in the XLI Pro Dirt Series, if for no other reason than to reward the efforts of his crew chief.

“Phil is putting an already mammoth effort in, so we need to get him some help. He has done everything solo with no help from anywhere. Nathan and Peter Richards have both been in the shed and at the track on occasions, but it largely has fallen just Phil. I have been talking about helping, but totally need to be super thankful to Phil that we get to race at all.”

“The driver really needs to vindicate Phil’s efforts this year.”

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