Massive Night for Late Models!

It was a huge night for Late Models at the Perth Motorplex, with some drivers returning to form, some competitors scoring their best ever finishes, two even scoring first time podium appearances and one very special record set!
There were plenty of stories across the night, with teams suffering mechanical issues and finding MacGyver like fixes, teams coming together to help each other and a number of cars ailing but able to continue throughout the evening.
The night began with qualifying, with Paul Stubber setting the fastest time, prior to six heat races being contested earlier in the night, with Stubber, Matt Goodlad (Daytona Racing), Warren Oldfield (Oldfield Racing), Freddy Kinsella (Team Green Racing), Veronica McCann (Veronica McCann – Red Hot Racing) and Joe Chalmers (Team BCM Motorsport:) all claiming a win.
Points were calculated across heats and qualifying, with drivers then split into odds and evens for two feature races.
Feature race one saw Matt Goodlad and Brad Blake starting from the front row and as the race went green, Goodlad went low, Blake high, the duo side by side.
Behind them Joe Chalmers used the highline to move to third after starting from position six and passing both Jay Cardy (Cardy Racing Components) and Warren Oldfield. Cardy would fight back, but at the end of the first lap it was Blake leading Goodlad, Chalmers, Cardy and Oldfield.
Blake looked to pull away but couldn’t quite shake Goodlad who was still being pressured by Chalmers while behind them Oldfield was now pressuring Cardy for fourth.
Oldfield passed Cardy for fourth on lap eight, then as the field came around to complete lap nine Chalmers spun in turn three, cars going every which way to avoid him.
Luckily no one got caught up and the race would restart, Blake leading away, with cars going everywhere once again as they jostled for position in a massive pack. Goodlad would grab second once again and Veronica McCann dove through a number of battling cars to scream through into third place.
McCann then went around the outside of Goodlad to steal second with only a few laps remaining, while Chalmers was back up to fifth after going to the rear and was looking for a way past Oldfield.
Goodlad looked back by McCann in the dying stages, but couldn’t quite make the pass, giving Oldfield the opportunity to get back by him for third.
A lap later Chalmers also passed Goodlad, but up front it was all Blake, going on to claim a record setting thirty eighth Perth Motorplex feature race win, now giving him the outright most wins in the venue’s history.
Oldfield would get McCann on the line for second, with McCann holding on for third in her first Pro Dirt Series podium finish. Chalmers and Goodlad would round out the top five.
The second feature saw Paul Stubber and Jamie Oldfield (Oldfield Racing) sharing the front row ahead of Brent Vosbergen (Team Vosbergen Racing – TVR) and Rod Musarra (Rod Musarra Racing #12).
Immediately as the race went green the front cars went three wide for the lead, Vosbergen low, Stubber in the middle and Oldfield high, with Jamie grabbing the lead ahead of Stubber and Vosbergen.
Stubber drove into the turn four wall on lap two and slowed, dropping to the rear but staying on track.
Back up front, Oldfield opened up a big gap on Vosbergen with Rod Musarra settling into third ahead of Daniel Ameduri (Ameduri Motorsports), Freddy Kinsella, Michael Holmes (Michael Holmes Racing), Jason Oldfield and Stubber.
Jason Oldfield firstly disposed of Holmes and then passed Kinsella for fifth as he began clawing his way back, but back up-front Jamie maintained his lead ahead of Vosbergen while Ameduri began closing the gap on Musarra for third, but it was too little too late, Jamie Oldfield defeating Vosbergen and Musarra, who became the second driver in as many races to claim their first Pro Dirt podium finish. Ameduri and Jason Oldfield rounded out the top five.
Points have been tallied, with the full list below, while preparations are now underway for tomorrow’s racing back at the Motorplex.
All the stars and their cars are expected to return tomorrow night for the deciding night of the Late Model Nationals, which will also double as Round 11 of the Pro Dirt Series and the final night of the Wild West Showdown! Stay tuned for more information tomorrow!
The 2021/22 Pro Dirt Series proudly bought to you by ABN Trade Mates, CTM Recruitment Pty Ltd, McPhee Transport, Global Testing Services, the PTE Group, SupaFit Seat Covers, APM Roofing and Gutters, Boyes Eqs and Dirt Track Nutters.
Release by DTN Media.
Pics Courtesy DTN Media and Cochrane Photography.
Contingency Awards
DTN Pole Position – Matt Goodlad and Paul Stubber
APM Roofing Hard Charger – Joe Chalmers and Michael Holmes
Boyes Equipment SVS All Star Award – Veronica McCann and Rod Musarra
Official Results
Qualifying, 2 laps: 1. Paul Stubber 16.173, 2. Matt Goodlad 16.188, 3. David Nylander 16.229, 4. Brad Blake 16.253, 5. Jamie Oldfield 16.277, 6. Warren Oldfield 16.330, 7. Jay Cardy 16.343, 8. Rod Musarra 16.351, 9. Brent Vosbergen 16.365, 10. Kodee Brown 16.368, 11. Daniel Ameduri 16.394, 12. Michael Holmes 16.450, 13. Freddy Kinsella 16.542, 14. Veronica McCann 16.680, 15. Joe Chalmers 16.709, 16. Luke Halliday 16.771, 17. Jason Oldfield 16.850, 18. Warren Minshull 16.912, 19. Cody Avins 17.155, 20. Nathan Richards 17.836, 21. Greg Horan 18.402. DQ: Jai Mazzini 18.323.
Heat One, 8 laps: 1. Paul Stubber, 2. Brad Blake, 3. Kodee Brown, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Freddy Kinsella, 6. Luke Halliday, 7. Cody Avins, 8. Greg Horan. Total Time: 2.11.557. Winning Margin: 0.144. Fastest Lap: 16.071 Brad Blake.
Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. Matt Goodlad, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Daniel Ameduri, 4. Veronica McCann, 5. Rod Musarra, 6. Jason Oldfield. DNF: Nathan Richards (7). Total Time: 2.11.918. Winning Margin: 0.578. Fastest Lap: 16.162 Matt Goodlad.
Heat Three, 8 laps: 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Brent Vosbergen, 3. David Nylander, 4. Michael Holmes, 5. Joe Chalmers, 6. Warren Minshull. DNS: Jai Mazzini. Total Time: 2.13.885. Winning Margin: 1.675. Fastest Lap: 16.305 Brent Vosbergen.
Heat Four, 8 laps: 1. Freddy Kinsella, 2. Jay Cardy, 3. Warren Minshull, 4. Warren Oldfield, 5. Paul Stubber, 6. Cody Avins. DNF: Michael Holmes (3). Total Time: 2.18.258. Winning Margin: 0.706. Fastest Lap: 16.694 Paul Stubber.
Heat Five, 8 laps: 1. Veronica McCann, 2. Rod Musarra, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Matt Goodlad, 5. Luke Halliday, 6. Greg Horan, 7. Nathan Richards. DNS: Kodee Brown. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.392. Fastest Lap: 16.757 Veronica McCann.
Heat Six, 8 laps: 1. Joe Chalmers, 2. Brent Vosbergen, 3. Jamie Oldfield, 4. Jason Oldfield, 5. Daniel Ameduri (7). DNF: David Nylander (0). DNS: Jai Mazzini. Total Time: 2.12.600. Winning Margin: 1.559. Fastest Lap: 16.285 Jamie Oldfield.
Feature 1, 15 laps: 1. Brad Blake, 2. Warren Oldfield, 3. Veronica McCann, 4. Joe Chalmers, 5. Matt Goodlad, 6. Jay Cardy, 7. Warren Minshull, 8. Cody Avins, 9. Luke Halliday, 10. Greg Horan, 11. Nathan Richards. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.697. Fastest Lap: 16.481 Brad Blake.
Feature 2, 15 laps: 1. Jamie Oldfield, 2. Brent Vosbergen, 3. Rod Musarra, 4. Daniel Ameduri, 5. Jason Oldfield, 6. Freddy Kinsella, 7. Michael Holmes, 8. Paul Stubber. DNS: Kodee Brown, Jai Mazzini, David Nylander. Total Time: 4.17.090. Winning Margin: 1.435. Fastest Lap: 16.468 Jamie Oldfield.
Late Model Nationals Points After Night One (separate to Pro Dirt points and Wild West Showdown points)
1. 0 Brad Blake 239
2. 51 Jamie Oldfield 238
3. 15 Warren Oldfield 234
4. 18 Matt Goodlad 232
5. 4 Brent Vosbergen 232
6. 31 Paul Stubber 225
7. 21 Rod Musarra 225
8. 50 Veronica McCann 224
9. 52 Jay Cardy 222
10. 23 Joe Chalmers 219
11. 83 Daniel Ameduri 218
12. 318 Freddy Kinsella 217
13. 11 Jason Oldfield 206
14. 47 Warren Minshull 203
15. 94 Luke Halliday 197
16. 10 Cody Avins 192
17. 91 Michael Holmes 188
18. 04 Greg Horan 184
19. 74 Nathan Richards 166
20. 54 David Nylander 138
21. 07 Kodee Brown 131
22. 38 Jai Mazzini 75