Late Models put on a show!

The thunder and lightning Late Model Sedans are now the talk of the town after last night’s monumental efforts that saw them compete in two feature races: both of which saw some of the best racing ever put on by the division.


Warren Oldfield was the man who raced away to a solid victory in the opening feature, while Craig Vosbergen had everything fall into place in the second feature: the rescheduled Magic Man 34 feature. Interestingly there was not one driver who stood on the podium twice across the two races, with Brad Blake, Jay Cardy, Marc Giancola and Ryan Halliday all going home with trophies.


The opening feature went yellow immediately as Jayden Meckenstock and Craig Greentree came together as the field took the green. The second start was much better and saw Ryan Halliday rocket into third place behind early leader Warren Oldfield and second placed Brad Blake. The leading duo began to pull away from the field as Jay Cardy grabbed third from Vosbergen and Halliday. However, just as he did this the yellows came on, putting Halliday back to third for the restart. The race continued and it became a war of attrition as a number of big guns headed infield: first Jamie Oldfield on lap 8, then Brad Ludlow the following lap and one lap later Michael Holmes. Jac Dolmans and Halliday also headed infield and by the time the yellows came out after thirteen laps for debris there were thirteen cars left running.


Warren Oldfield held strong at the front of the field and would lead away Blake and Vosbergen. Jay Cardy made his way past Vosbergen on the restart and kept the position when the yellows came out again for a spun car on lap fifteen. The laps wound down and despite Cardy putting pressure on Blake for third, it was Oldfield who held on to win over Blake and Cardy.


Feature race two saw fifteen starters, with Marc Giancola taking the early lead ahead of Blake and Vosbergen. Vosbergen got past Blake for second just as the yellows came on for a spun Criag Greentree, seeing him put back into third, being the last recorded lap.


Blake and Vosbergen picked up the battle on the restart, with Vosbergen able to pass Blake again on lap seven. Blake didn’t give up though and kept pressuring him, while he in turn was copping some intense pressure from Ryan Halliday and Jamie Oldfield behind him. Both Halliday and Oldfield made their way past Blake who once again fought back, with Jay Cardy and Warren Oldfield also arriving on the scene.


The yellows came on once again for another spun car, with Giancola to lead away Vosbergen and Halliday once again. The race continued until the yellows came out once again with just five laps remaining after Jeremy Hale found himself in the turn three wall. The field restarted, but Paul Stubber spun himself across the line, bringing out the yellows once again. The next few laps were the best of the entire night as the top seven cars of Giancola, Vosbergen, Halliday, both Warren and Jamie Oldfield, Cardy and Blake fought it out, swapping positions all over the track. With just a few to go the yellows came out again for Hale, with Cardy put rear for overlapping on the restart. Vosbergen took his last chance and grabbed the lead on the final restart and went on the claim the win ahead of Giancola and Ryan Halliday in a thrilling finish.


Earlier in the night the opening heat began with a bang as cars came together in turn four of the opening lap which saw Nat Muir get some huge air time and drive right over the top of Matt Goodlads machine. Craig Greentree also got involved, but only Goodlad was out.


Giancola took control on the restart and held off Vosbergen and Blake until a restart with four to go for Dean King bunched the field up again. Vosbergen applied the pressure on the restart, but the big mover was Jamie Oldfield, who after starting at the rear worked his way into third past Blake and then came within a whisker from taking second from Vosbergen. Giancola claimed the win ahead of Vosbergen and Oldfield.


Heat two saw eleven cars fighting it out across the field, with Warren Oldfield expertly picking his way through the rest if the field from position ten to grab the lead at the halfway point. From here he was never headed and raced away to win from Ryan Ludlow and Jason Oldfield.


The third heat was the Oldfield show as Warren raced away and defeated Jamie, while the final heat was the race of the night, with Matt Goodlad and Jason Oldfield battling it out lap after lap for the lead, having a slight coming together in the final corners and Brad Blake driving up high and simply around the outside of them to grab the last gasp win.


The whole night from start to finish was simply brilliant: some enthralling action in every race. The division now has a break for the Christmas period, back in action at the Perth Motorplex on Boxing Day.


On behalf of all involved with the LMRWA, we would like to wish all our drivers, crews, officials, families and fans a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year.


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Contingency Awards


Hoosier Award- Ryan Halliday

Lucas Oils Pole Award – Brad Blake

Cardy Race Components Voucher – Nat Muir



Hoosier Award- Marc Giancola

Lucas Oils Pole Award – Warren Oldfield

Cardy Race Components Voucher – Nat Muir



Official Results

Heat One – 1. Marc Giancola, 2. Craig Vosbergen, 3. Jamie Oldfield, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Brad Ludlow, 6. Michael Holmes, 7. Lee Watt, 8. Phil Zuidema, 9. Jeremy Hale, 10. Craig Greeentree, 11. Nat Muir. DNF: Dean King, Matt Goodlad.

Heat Two – 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Ryan Ludlow, 3. Jason Oldfield, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Paul Stubber, 6. Ryan Halliday, 7. Jac Dolmans, 8. Rob Galloway. DNF: Morgan Melvin, Willy Powell, Jayden Meckenstock.

Heat Three – 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Jay Cardy, 4. Ryan Halliday, 5. Craig Vosbergen, 6. Michael Holmes, 7. Marc Giancola, 8. Brad Ludlow, 9. Craig Greentree, 10. Jayden Meckenstock, 11. Morgan Melvin. DNS: Ryan Ludlow, Dean King.

Heat Four – 1. Brad Blake, 2. Jason Oldfield, 3. Matt Goodlad, 4. Phil Zuidema, 5. Nat Muir, 6. Paul Stubber, 7. Jac Dolmans, 8. Rob Galloway, 9. Jeremy Hale. DNF: Lee Watt. DNS: Willy Powell.

Feature 1 – 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Brad Blake, 3. Jay Cardy, 4. Craig Vosbergen, 5. Marc Giancola, 6. Matt Goodlad, 7. Phil Zuidema, 8. Nat Muir, 9. Jeremy Hale, 10. Morgan Melvin, 11. Craig Greentree, 12. Rob Galloway. DNF: Paul Stubber, Ryan Halliday, Jac Dolmans, Michael Holmes, Brad Ludlow, Jamie Oldfield, Dean King, Ryan Ludlow, Jayden Meckenstock. DNS: Lee Watt, Willy Powell, Jason Oldfield.

Feature 2 (MM34) – 1.Craig Vosbergen, 2. Marc Giancola, 3. Ryan Halliday, 4. Warren Oldfield, 5. Jamie Oldfield, 6. Brad Blake, 7. Phil Zuidema, 8. Nat Muir, 9. Jay Cardy, 10. Paul Stubber, 11. Craig Greentree. DNF: Jeremy Hale, Matt Goodlad, Dean King, Rob Galloway.


Thanks to Peter Roebuck for the photos.

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