King makes it two at Kellerberrin!


Dean King followed up on his last win at Kellerberrin Speedway as he today claimed his second development series feature. Indeed, King showed his class all day as he stayed out of trouble and finished consistently in the top three throughout the heats. In the feature event he managed to chase down and pass early race leader Ken MacPherson and is proving to be the class of the field with consistent podium finishes.


Ken Macpherson, despite leading the feature for a time, was unable to capitalize on two good heat wins and came home with a fourth place finish in the feature, while Bryn Haythorthwaite finished on the  podium in all four of his races, including a second place finish in the feature.  Jeff Rogers also had a good day with a fine third place in the feature after two prior third places in his heats.


The opening heat saw Nathan Penn and Steve Bond make  contact on back straight, leaving Bond stranded at the start. The race restarted and a few cars then found themselves infield after some contact throughout the pack. Penn meanwhile worked his way through the pack and into the lead, setting about building the distance between himself and the rest of the field until he too succumbed to mechanical dramas and handed the lead and the win to Phillip over Bond and Rogers.


The second heat saw Haythornthwaite in the early lead, while behind him King and MacPherson battled it out. Suddenly the battling duo were in front, with Haythornthwaite back in third and from there the order didn’t change. 


The third heat saw Clint Phillip into the lead early, with Bond quick to apply the pressure. Out of nowhere Terry Haines made his presence felt and ducked through to grab the lead. After a number of spins, the race was then declared, with Haines getting the win over Bond and Rogers. Heat four saw Haythornthwaite again leading before he just drifted wide and Lionel Kirkby found his way through to the lead. Unfortunately for Kirkby he too drifted wide and dropped back to fourth with first Macapherson, then Haythornthwaite and King all making their way past, the order not changing as the chequers fell.


Kirkby then made up for it though as in heat five, an all in heat, he raced away to claim a solid win.


The Late Model Development Series now has a short break before it returns to Northam Speedway on the 23rd of August. Stay tuned for all the latest news in the coming weeks!



Release by DTN Media.


Official Results 


Heat One- 1. 96 Clint Philip, 2. 97 Steven Bond, 3. W5 Jeff Rogers. DNF: 44 Lance Ferguson, 32 Terry Haines, 22 Nathan Penn.


Heat Two- 1. 39 Ken MacPherson, 2. 21 Dean King, 3. 69 Bryn Haythornwaite, 4. 58 Lionel Kirkby, 5. 34 David Nylander


Heat Three- 1. 32 Terry Haines, 2. 97 Steven Bond, 3. 5 Jeff Rogers. DNF: 96 Clint Phillip, 44 Lance Ferguson, 22 Nathan Penn


Heat Four- 1. 39 Ken MacPherson, 2. W69 Bryn Haythornwaite, 3. 21 Dean King, 4. 58 Lionel Kirkby. DNS: 34 David Nylander. 


Heat Five – 1. Lionel Kirkby,


Feature – 1. 21 Dean King, 2. 69 Bryn Haythornthwaite, 3. 5 Jeff Rogers, 4. 58 Lionel Kirkby, 5. 39 Ken MacPherson, 6. 97 Steve Bond, 7. 96 Clint Phillip. DQ: David Nylander. DNF: 44 Lance Ferguson. DNS: 32 Terry Haines, 22 Nathan Penn.



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