King conquers Kellerberrin!

Dean King yesterday continued his development in the Late Model Sedan ranks as he claimed the Development Series feature win at Kellerberrin Speedway.


Although King held the lead for the majority of the race, it didn’t end without controversy. Ken McPherson hounded King for the lead for the best part of the race and eventually made his way through into the lead and went on to cross the line first. Unfortunately for McPherson, after the race he was relegated two positions for a questionable passing manoeuvre on King, handing King the win ahead of Bryn Haythornthwaite with McPherson officially third. Having already taken his car off the track, King heard the news and headed back on track and quickly celebrated his win with a fist pump in front of the crowd.


King had been one to watch all day as he claimed the opening heat from McPherson and Haythornthwaite. The second heat saw Chris Ferguson build up a solid lead until his #45 machine expired in a cloud of smoke, handing the lead to Terry Haines. A number of other competitors also struck trouble during this race with Haines claiming the win and Steve Bond coming second as the only two finishers.


Heat three saw the experienced Jamie Oldfield, driving the Litchfield Motorsports #6, claim a flag to flag win ahead of McPherson and King, while the fourth heat saw Haines make it two from two as he defeated Tyson Bryden and Bond.


The fifth heat saw trouble at the start as McPherson found himself out of the race early after contact with another competitor, while Oldfield also headed infield after issues with his machine. This left four drivers to fight it out, with Bryn Haythornthwaite finding himself heading out on a huge infield excursion before rejoining the field. Eventually King claimed his second win of the day ahead of Mark Webster and Haythornthwaite. The final heat saw probably the biggest incident of the day as Tyson Bryden spun high in turn number one. Despite the yellow lights being on and yellow being called over the raceiver, there was some sort of mix up and Bond went high into the corner and collected the stranded #44 machine. Both drivers were unhurt and Haines went on to be undefeated in the heats as he crossed the line first ahead of Lance Ferguson and Bond in the rerun.


Overall it was another solid display from the Development Series competitors and we can now look forward to the next round at Pithara in two weeks.


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Official Results


Late Models Heat One- 1. 21 Dean King, 2. 39 Ken MacPherson, 3. 69 Bryn Haythornthwaite, 4. 25 Mark Webster. DNF: 6 Jamie Oldfield, 4 Alan Nylander.


Late Models Heat Two- 1. 32 Terry Haines, 2. 97 Steve Bond. DNF: 44 Tyson Bryden, 45 Chris Ferguson, 5 Jeff Rogers.


Late Models Heat Three- 1. 6 Jamie Oldfield, 2. 39 Ken MacPherson, 3. 21 Dean King, 4. 4 Alan Nylander, 5. 69 Bryn Haythornthwaite, 6. 25 Mark Webster.


Late Models Heat Four- 1. 32 Terry Haines, 2. 44 Tyson Bryden, 3. 97 Steve Bond, 4. 5 Jeff Rogers. DNF: 45 Chris Ferguson.


Late Models Heat Five- 1. 21 Dean King, 2. 25 Mark Webster, 3. 69 Bryn Haythornthwaite, 4. 34 Alan Nylander. DNF: 39 Ken MacPherson, 6 Jamie Oldfield.


Late Models Heat Six- 1. 32 Terry Haines, 2. 4 Lance Ferguson, 3. 97 Steve Bond, DNF: 44 Tyson Bryden. DNS: 45 Chris Ferguson, 5 Jeff Rogers.


Late Models Feature Race- 1. 21 Dean King, 2. 69 Bryn Haythornwaite, 3. 39 Ken MacPherson, 4. 32 Terry Haines, 5. 44 Tyson Bryden. DNF: 4 Lance Ferguson, DNS: 25 Mark Webster, 6 Jamie Oldfield, 97 Steve Bond, 34 Alan Nylander, 5 Jeff Rogers, 45 Chris Ferguson.



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