Jamie Claims the Grand Opening Showdown!



Jamie Oldfield has tonight bounced back in the best possible way as he raced away to record a strong win at the Perth Motorplex in the Grand Opening Showdown event.

Jamie once again started alongside his brother on the front row in the twenty lap feature event and this time around, Jamie was able to get the jump on Warren and race away, while Marc Giancola settled into third.

Behind them was a massive pack of cars fighting it out, which meant that by lap six the leaders were into traffic. Jamie went very high around the packs, at times scraping the wall as he put his car in places on the track that no one else was daring to.

Meanwhile, behind him Warren was trying to follow through when the yellows came on for Jayden Meckenstock who half spun and cut across the nose of Lionel Kirkby, seeing Kirkby spin and resulting in Ryan Ludlow spinning into Kirkby.

This would end the race for both Meckenstock and Kirkby.

The restart once again saw Jamie race away in clean air but it was only a matter of laps before he was in traffic once again. With fifteen laps complete of the twenty lap journey Warren began to close on Jamie and at one point was right on his tail, but Jamie made some magnificent maneuvers through other cars and was able to break free once again.

With three laps to go the yellows came out once again, this time for Ryan Ludlow who’s car expired in a massive cloud of smoke. This set up another restart, but it made no difference to the order as Jamie raced away to record his first Late Model win of the season, defeating Warren Oldfield and Marc Giancola.

Earlier in the night the opening heat began with Kye Blight leading, Meckenstock spinning and Paul Stubber hitting, with Morgan Melvin the luckiest in this situation as he just missed being completely taken out and escaped with mere flesh wounds. The race restarted with Blight continuing to lead while Brent Vosbergen raced into second place. Unfortunately it all came undone for him when he spun on lap eight, setting up a green white chequer finish. Meckenstock spun again and set up a second green, white, chequer restart and this time Blight was able to race away with the win ahead of Michael Holmes and Stubber.

The second heat saw Jamie Oldfield defeat Warren and Jay Cardy, while heat three saw Marc Giancola build up a huge lead as he defeated Paul Stubber and jay Cardy by over six seconds. The final heat saw Warren Oldfield score his second win as he defeated Ken MacPherson and Lee Watt in a race full of action back in the pack, with a few restarts punctuating action.

Late Models now have a three week break until the third round of the Racin’ Tyres Pro Dirt Series, which will see the division once again return to the high banks of the Perth Motorplex on November the 7th.

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Contingency Awards

Hoosier Award – Dean King.

Cardy Race Components 8th Place – Michael Holmes

Pole Position – Warren Oldfield

Hard Charger – Brad Blake


Official Results

Heat One – 10 laps: 1. 41 Kye Blight, 2. 91 Michael Holmes, 3. 31 Paul Stubber, 4. 43 Marc Giancola, 5. 89 Morgan Melvin, 6. 21 Dean King, 7. 16 Veronica McCann, 8. 4 Brent Vosbergen, 9. 58 Lionel Kirkby. DNF: 9 Ryan Ludlow, 36 Jarrin Bielby, 60 Jayden Meckenstock. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.610. Fastest Lap: 15.995 41 Kye Blight.

Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 2.15 Warren Oldfield, 3. 52 Jay Cardy, 4. 99 Ryan Halliday, 5. 07 Kodee Brown, 6. 0 Brad Blake, 7. 10 Lee Watt, 8. 71 Jamie Moon, 9. 26 Ken MacPherson, 19. 88 Alec Melvin. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.321. Fastest Lap: 15.622 51 Jamie Oldfield.

Heat Three – 10 laps: 1. 43 Marc Giancola, 2. 31 Paul Stubber, 3. 52 Jay Cardy, 4. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 5. 07 Kodee Brown, 6. 4 Brent Vosbergen, 7. 0 Brad Blake, 8. 41 Kye Blight, 9. 88 Alec Melvin, 10. 16 Veronica McCann, 11. 60 Jayden Meckenstock. Total Time: 2.45.527. Winning Margin: 6.914. Fastest Lap: 15.962 43 Marc Giancola.

Heat Four – 10 laps: 1. 15 Warren Oldfield, 2. 26 Ken MacPherson, 3. 10 Lee Watt, 4. 36 Jarrin Bielby, 5. 21 Dean King, 6. 91 Michael Holmes, 7. 71 Jamie Moon, 8. 9 Ryan Ludlow, 9. 89 Morgan Melvin, 10. 58 Lionel Kirkby. DNS: 99 Ryan Halliday. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.557. Fastest Lap: 16.507 15 Warren Oldfield.

Feature Race – 20 laps: 1. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 2. 15 Warren Oldfield, 3. 43 Marc Giancola, 4. 0 Brad Blake, 5. 07 Kodee Brown, 6. 52 Jay Cardy, 7. 41 Kye Blight, 8. 91 Michael Holmes, 9. 31 Paul Stubber, 10. 26 Ken MacPherson, 11. 71 Jamie Moon, 12. 4 Brent Vosbergen, 13. 21 Dean King (19), 14. 16 Veronica McCann (19), 15. 88 Alec Melvin (18), 16. 36 Jarrin Bielby (18). DNF: 9 Ryan Ludlow (15), 10 Lee Watt (14), 60 Jayden Meckenstock (7), 58 Lionel Kirkby (7). DNS: 89 Morgan Melvin, 99 Ryan Halliday. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 2.188. Fastest Lap: 15.837 51 Jamie Oldfield.

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