It’s Title Time!

The Late Models are now firmly entrenched in the very being of Speedway here in WA and this weekend will see the exciting thunder and lightning division hit another milestone as they celebrate their 22nd Annual WA Late Model Title!

Despite the Perth Motorplex almost being the home track for the division over the years, this year will mark just the sixth time the event is held at the venue.

Last year saw the Late Models again return to the high banks of the Perth Motorplex for their State Title with Paul Stubber besting former champions Warren Oldfield and Ryan Halliday.

The season prior Jamie Oldfield lead home brother Warren and Michael Holmes while back in the 2005/06 season it was Northern Territorian Chase Karpenko who claimed the win. The first ever time the event was held at the Motorplex was in 2000/01 when Ryan Halliday took the win from Ben Ludlow and John Cardy. The only other time the title was held at the Motorplex was the following year as part of a three round, three track series.

The first time the WA Championship was actually held though was as a series in the 1997/98 season, taken out by Alan Nylander ahead of John Cardy and Ben Ludlow. It was held as a series for the first three years, followed by a stand-alone event at the Perth Motorplex in its opening season. It then returned to a series format for one year before settling on the stand-alone event that has been running ever since.

One of the great things about Late Models is the family connections and it interesting to note that of the three drivers who podiumed in that very first WA Title over twenty years ago, all three have got relatives competing, or who have competed at some stage this season. Winner Alan Nylander has the family tradition continue through David racing, John Cardy’s relative Jay is a regular competitor and Ben Ludlow’s sons Brad and Ryan also race regularly. All three of these drivers would love to continue their family traditions and Cardy in particular has a significant chance after having featured on the podium on three other occasions in this race, despite not yet having found the top step.

The driver however who is most familiar with the WA Title podium is also in the field, with nine time champion Brad Blake looking for win number ten. Blake has also featured on the podium on three other occasions, meaning he has been in the top three twelve times out of the entire twenty one year history of the event. He would love to race back into form with a tenth WA Title win and also add to his history making haul of Perth Motorplex feature race wins.

Two drivers have claimed the Title win twice, being Craig Vosbergen and Jamie Oldfield the latter of which claimed his second success at the Motorplex a couple of years ago. Vosbergen has three other podium finishes in this race while Oldfield has none, and with twenty and seventeen Motorplex feature wins respectively, the duo always fights it out hard to finish on that step when they race in a title event.

Other former WA champions, aside from those already mentioned, include two-time winner Ryan Halliday (also with fifteen Motorplex feature wins to his name), Scott McPherson, Marc Giancola, Kodee Brown, Warren Oldfield and defending champion Paul Stubber. Halliday has four other podium finishes, Oldfield has three and both will be hoping to add to that tally this weekend.

So who will etch their name into the history books this weekend? Be at the Perth Motorplex this Saturday night to find out!

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1997/98 Series
1st Alan Nylander 2nd John Cardy 3rd Ben Ludlow

1998/99 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd John Cardy

1999/2000 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd Ben Ludlow

2000/01 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Ryan Halliday 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy

2001/02 @ Geraldton/ Motorplex/ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ivor Ladwig 3rd Craig Vosbergen

2002/03 @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy

2003/04 @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Kevin Bell

2004/05 @ Northam
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chace Karpenko NT 3rd Michael Hebditch ACT

2005/06 @ Motorplex
1st Chace Karpenko NT 2nd Jason Oldfield 3rd Ryan Halliday

2006/07 @ Geraldton
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chase Karpenko NT 3rd Jason Oldfield

2007/08 @ Northam
1st Scott McPherson ACT 2nd Nathan Disney NSW 3rd Darryl Grimson NSW

2008/09 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Ryan Halliday

2009/10 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Jay Cardy

2010/11 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Ryan Halliday 3rd Jason Moyle

2011/2012 @ Kalgoorlie Speedway
1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Brad Ludlow 3rd Brad Blake

2012/2013 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Matt Goodlad

2013/2014 @ Bunbury Speedway
1st Marc Giancola 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Brad Blake

2014/2015 @ Collie Speedway
1st Jamie Oldfield 2nd Matt Goodlad 3rd Brad Blake

2015/2016 @ Albany Speedway
1st Kodee Brown, 2nd Paul Stubber, 3. Ben Nicastri

2016/2017 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Jamie Oldfield, 2. Warren Oldfield, 3. Michael Holmes

2017/2018 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Paul Stubber, 2. Warren Oldfield, 3. Ryan Halliday

2018/2019 @ Perth Motorplex