Late Model Sedan Division, in Australia, commenced with the formation of Late Model Racing Australia (Inc) in the 1997-1998 season in Western Australia where the LMRA was based. The new Late Model division adopted identical car specifications to the popular United Dirt Track Racing Association (UDTRA) series in the USA.

The benefits of this quickly became obvious, with fully imported cars being able to compete without... modifications to suit local (Australian) rulings.

During their debut season the Late Models only competed at WA country tracks (the first ever Australian Late Model Feature was held at Geraldton Speedway).  During the Late Models second season 1998-1999 they competed in the states major speedway venue (which is now closed) at Claremont Speedway during that season, US racer Ray Godsey was brought to Perth for several meetings to run with the West Australian Late Model drivers.

Since the LMRA began in Australia back in 1997 the Late Model division has continued to grow throughout Western Australia and has now become one of the biggest and best sedan divisions.

The Late Model division expanded across Australia gaining more and more competitors each year. In 2010 the Australian Late Model Championship was held in Victoria, it was the first time the title had been out of Western Australia.

Late Models now race in all over Australia with clubs forming in each state.

South Australia - South Australian Late Model Association (SALMA)

New South Wales - NSW Late Models

Queensland - Late Model Racing Queensland (LMRQ)

In 2011 a new national body was formed for the Late Model division, called Late Model Australia (LMA) the new national body was formed with delegates from each club to encourage each state to work together to help promote the continuation of growth.

What is a late model?

A Late Model is a rolling anachronism; a noisy, powerful, fragile, ill- tempered beast that's a handful to drive. Modern Late Models are simple and brutally powerful. There is no dead weight on the car if a part doesn't contribute to the car's performance, it is left off.

With a power-to-weight ratio comparable to a Formula 1 racer's, and a short, tippy frame, a Late Model spends most of its time scrabbling for traction, broadsliding around the corners, wheelstanding on the straights, and throwing clay into the stands, while the driver wrestles frantically with the steering wheel.



1997/98 Series
1st Alan Nylander 2nd John Cardy 3rd Ben Ludlow

1998/99 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd John Cardy

1999/2000 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd Ben Ludlow

2000/01 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Ryan Halliday 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy

2001/02 @ Geraldton/ Motorplex/ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ivor Ladwig 3rd Craig Vosbergen

2002/03  @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy

2003/04 @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Kevin Bell

2004/05 @ Northam
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chace Karpenko NT 3rd Michael Hebditch ACT

2005/06 @ Motorplex
1st Chace Karpenko NT 2nd Jason Oldfield 3rd Ryan Halliday

2006/07 @ Geraldton
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chase Karpenko NT 3rd Jason Oldfield

2007/08 @ Northam
1st Scott McPherson ACT 2nd Nathan Disney NSW 3rd Darryl Grimson NSW

2008/09 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Ryan Halliday

2009/10 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Jay Cardy

2010/11 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Ryan Halliday 3rd Jason Moyle

2011/2012 @ Kalgoorlie Speedway
1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Brad Ludlow 3rd Brad Blake

2012/2013 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen  2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Matt Goodlad

2013/2014 @ Bunbury Speedway
1st Marc Giancola  2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Brad Blake

2014/2015 @ Collie Speedway
1st Jamie Oldfield  2nd Matt Goodlad 3rd Brad Blake

2015/2016 @ Albany Speedway
1st Kodee Brown  2nd Paul Stubber 3rd Ben Nicastri

2016/2017 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Jamie Oldfield 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Michael Holmes

2017/2018 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Paul Stubber 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Ryan Halliday

2018/2019 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Brent Vosbergen 2nd Marc Giancola 3rd Warren Oldfield


2001/02 @ Motorplex WA
1st Allan Butcher Qld 2nd Brad Blake 3rd Brad Ludlow

2002/03 @ Motorplex WA
1st Ryan Halliday 2nd Brad Blake 3rd Brad Ludlow

2003/04 @ Motorplex WA
1st Brad Blake 2nd Marc Giancola 3rd Jaron Crane

2004/05 @ Motorplex WA
1st Bruce Trenaman 2nd Michael Hebditch ACT 3rd Brad Ludlow

2005/06 @ Motorplex WA
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ryan Halliday 3rd Ben Ludlow

2006/07 @ Motorplex WA
1st Brad Blake 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Ben Ludlow

2007/08 @ Motorplex WA
1st Brad Ludlow 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd Ron Miller USA

2008/09 @ Motorplex WA
1st Marc Giancola 2nd Brad Blake 3rd Ben Ludlow

2009/10 @ Manjimup WA
1st Marc Giancola 2nd Bert Vosbergen 3rd Jac Dolmans Jnr

2010/11 @ Mildura Speedway VIC
1st Brad Blake 2nd Blair Granger 3rd Mat Crimmins

2011/2012 @ Sydney Speedway NSW 
1st Steve Francis (USA) 2nd Jamie Oldfield 3rd Michael Holmes

2012/2013 @ Bunbury Speedway WA
1st Steve Francis (USA) 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Warren Oldfield

2013/2014 @ Mt Gambier Speedway SA
1st Brad Blake 2nd Darryl Grimson 3rd David Robertson

2014/2015 @ Kingaroy Speedway QLD
1st Darren Kane 2nd Jamie Oldfield 3rd Ben Nicastri

2015/2016 @ Perth Motorplex WA
1st Kodee Brown 2nd Ryan Halliday 3rd Kye Blight

2016/2017 @ Premier Speedway VIC
1st Callum Harper 2nd David Doherty 3rd Paul Stubber

2017/2018 @ Murray Bridge Speedway SA
1st Darren Kane, 2nd Craig Vosbergen, 3rd Ryan Alexander

2018/2019 @ Valvoline Raceway NSW
1st Paul Stubber, 2nd Cameron Pearson 3rd Jay Cardy


1st Brad Blake 2nd Brad Ludlow 3rd Mark Duncombe

1st Brad Blake 2nd Bruce Trenaman 3rd Brad Ludlow

1st Brad Blake 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd Matt Nylander

1st Ben Ludlow 2nd Micheal Hamon 3rd Phil Richards

1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Matt Goodlad

1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Brad Blake

1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Jay Cardy

1st Brad Blake 2nd Jamie Oldfield 3rd Warren Oldfield

1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Brad Blake  3rd Jay Cardy

1st Jamie Oldfield 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Jay Cardy

1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Matt Goodlad 3rd Jay Cardy

1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Michael Holmes

1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Brad Blake 3rd Jay Cardy

1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Jamie Oldfield

1st Jamie Oldfield 2nd Kye Blight 3rd Warren Oldfield

1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Matt Goodlad

1st Michael Holmes 2nd Brad Blake 3rd Jay Cardy


1st Jeremy Hale, 2nd Ryan Ludlow, 3rd Ian Birt.

1st David Nylander, 2nd Nat Muir, 3rd Koran Atkinson.

1st Mick Rawcliffe, 2nd Dale Clark, 3rd Peter Seaton & Peter McPherson.

1st Ken Macpherson, 2nd Mick Andrews, 3rd Brad Boley.

1st Dean King, 2nd Steve Bond, 3rd Lance Ferguson.

1st Alec Melvin, 2nd Mick Clune, 3rd Clint Philp.

1st Lionel Kirkby, 2nd Jason Bond, 3rd Chris Ferguson.

1st Ken Melvin, 2nd Nathan Callaghan, 3rd Clint Marriott. 

1st Clint Marriott, 2nd Peter Seaton, 3rd Lance Ferguson.

1st Cody Avins, 2nd Graham Murray 3rd Pat Van Brakel. 

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