Here Comes Hale

After a number of seasons racing a Late Model, Jeremy Hale has shown progress and improves with each lap. Unfortunately though, the last few seasons have been tough on the budget family team.

“We have had a horrible couple of seasons!” exclaims Jeremy. “We have had engine dramas for a while and then last year we kept losing oil lines, but hey, at least the engine held together!”

This season though, the team has regrouped and will be back on track once again for another crack.

“We will be focusing on the Motorplex this season,” says Hale. “The family demands come first and that can stop us from travelling too much, but at the end of the day we are just out here for some fun!”

Despite only running a limited schedule, Hale has set himself some aims and intends to do his best each and every time he hits the track.

“If I can get a podium I will be happy, but you have got to have a lot of luck to have that happen and of course it is hard enough to run with these guys as they have the best of the best and the skills to match!” he says. “If we can keep it clean, keep it neat, get some laps and have some fun I will be a happy camper.”

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