Giancola Wins Maiden WA Late Model Title!


After having already claimed  four Super Sedan state championships and two national Late Model titles, tonight at Quit Bunbury Speedway Marc Giancola raced his way to his first WA Late Model Championship.

Giancola was dominant in the thirty five lap feature event as he drove away from the rest of the field at each restart to claim a dominant win.

Twenty one cars greeted the green flag for the final after Mick Hamon, Morgan Melvin and Jeremy Hale were unable to repair their cars from earlier incidents, with Giancola and Jay Cardy starting in the front row together as highest point scorers. It was Giancola who drove away to a big lead, finding himself in lapped traffic on the fifth lap, while second place didn’t get into traffic by the time the yellows came on for the first race restart with eleven laps complete.

Once again Giancola drove away from the field and built up a lead of over twelve seconds before the yellows came on once more with four laps to go. During this time Craig Vosbergen had worked his way into third after disposing of Brad Blake, then during the next restart snuck underneath Jay Cardy for second. The yellows came out with three to go and Vosbergen was relegated two spots for an infield pass. Despite his best efforts Vosbergen was unable to make any ground, with Giancola claiming a popular victory over Cardy and Blake.

Earlier in the night six heats were held and there were six different winners, showing the standard of competition within the Late Model ranks. The opener saw Koran Atkinson survive a restart to claim a solid win over Jason Oldfield and Warren Oldfield, while the second heat saw Phil Zuidema claim the win over the impressive Nat Muir and Ben Ludlow. Unfortunately for Morgan Melvin he spun into the turn three wall as he came round on the chequered flag lap and significantly damaged his car, ending his night early.

Heat four saw Giancola working the high line as he came around the field into third, but he didn’t quite have enough to catch eventual winner Matt Goodlad and second placed Michael Holmes. Heat five saw a six car pile up, leaving Jeremy Hale and Mick Hamon with significantly damaged cars and ending their night, while Matt Goodlad and Brad Ludlow were unable to restart the race but were back for the feature. In the end it was Giancola who worked the rest of the field to his advantage to take the win from Jason Moyle and Vosbergen. The final heat saw Jay Cardy survive a green, white, chequer finish to claim an all the way win ahead of Jason Oldfield and Lee Watt.

The state title served as a big lead in to the upcoming Moyle Race Engine USA Invasion tour, with the opening rounds being held this coming weekend. Will Giancola be able to continue his good form, will one of the Americans be quick to assert their authority or will someone else get their name up in lights? Stay tuned!

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Official Results

Heat One –  1.  Koran Atkinson, 2.  Jason Oldfield, 3. Warren Oldfield, 4 Brad Ludlow, 5. Marc Giancola, 6. Jay Cardy, 7. Paul Joss, 8. Michael Holmes, 9. Craig Vosbergen, 10.’Jamie Moon, 11. Brad Boley. DNF: Jamie Oldfield.

Heat Two – 1.  Phil Zuidema, 2. Nat Muir, 3. Ben Ludlow, 4. Mick Hamon, 5. Jason Moyle, 6. Lee Watt, 7. Brad Blake, 8. Matt Goodlad, 9. Ken Macpherson, 10. Bryn Haythornthwaite. DNF: Morgan Melvin, Jeremy Hale.

Heat Three– 1. Craig Vosbergen, 2.  Brad Blake, 3. Lee Watt, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Koran Atkinson, 6. Jamie Moon, 7. Brad Ludlow, 8. Phil Zuidema, 9. Ken Macpherson. DNF Warren Oldfield, Brad Boley. DNS: Morgan Melvin.

Heat Four – 1.  Matt Goodlad, 2.  Michael Holmes, 3. Marc Giancola, 4. Jamie Oldfield, 5. Paul Joss, 6. Jason Moyle, 7. Nat Muir, 8. Bryn Haythornthwaite, 9. Ben Ludlow, 10. Jeremy Hale, 11. Mick Hamon, 12. Jason Oldfield.

Heat Five – 1.  Marc Giancola, 2.  Jason Moyle, 3. Craig Vosbergen, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Nat Muir, 6. Bryn Haythornthwaite. DNF; Matt Goodlad, Mick Hamon, Brad Ludlow, Jeremy Hale, Jamie Oldfield. DNS Brad Boley.

Heat Six – 1.  Jay Cardy, 2. Jason Oldfield, 3. Lee Watt, 4.  Paul Joss, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Phil Zuidema, 7. Koran Atkinson, 8. Ben Ludlow, 9. Jamie Moon, 10. Warren Oldfield, 11. Ken Macpherson. DNS Morgan Melvin

Feature Race – 1. Marc Giancola, 2.  Jay Cardy, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Craig Vosbergen, 5. Lee Watt, 6. Jason Moyle, 7. Michael Holmes, 8. Warren Oldfield, 9. Jason Oldfield, 10. Nat Muir, 11. Paul Joss, 12. Jamie Moon, 13. Brad Boley. DNF Matt Goodlad, Phil Zuidema, Koran Atkinson, Ken Macpherson, Bryn Haythornthwaite, Ben Ludlow, Jamie Oldfield, Brad Ludlow. DNS Mick Hamon, Jeremy Hale, Morgan Melvin.











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