Double File Re-Starts 2020-2021

The red button below links to a PDF document for the proposed re-start procedures to be implemented for the 2020-2021 season.

Print out the attachment, put it on the desk and look at it when reading this content, then stick the drawings inside your trailer!!

This is the re-start procedure used by UMP and used to great success at the 2017/18 Australian Late Model Championship.


·       POLE car is out front on its own

·       The car that was declared as running 2nd has the choice of start position from the front row

·       Inside OR outside of the front row

·       The car that was declared as running 4th will always start from inside row 2 and car 5 outside row 2 and so on down the field

·       SO EVEN numbers on the inside!!!.

·       The Chief Steward (CS) will advise if required

·       When lined up in the correct order the CS will instruct to the start.

Your understanding and co-operation will result in our division raising its professional profile in the eyes of the public, produce more exciting racing and be the last division to have laps cut!

Rules - Double File Re-Starts Diagram