Development is the Key

Jai Mazzini is one of the young guns in Late Model racing here in Western Australia. Despite being only early on in his Late Model journey, he has learnt quickly that laps are the key to improving and further development and learning about the car are definitely going to help that along.

Last season started slowly with engine issues, but as time progressed and seat time became more consistent, Mazzini began to improve and the team got on top of their issues.

“Last year was definitely a learning curve,” says Mazzini. “With losing a lot of seat time the year beforehand due to engine issues it was time to start learning how we can make the Cardy chassis work for us. It was a slow start and we struggled wrapping our heads around the setups, but the Cardy’s and Phil Richards really helped out and brought our season back to life. We started seeing the end of a severe push issue we were having and became more competitive and consistent.”

Unfortunately as soon as the team began to really show some progress they suffered a season ending gearbox failure that did substantial damage to the car.

Phil Richards has spent a lot of time in the offseason rebuilding the teams motor and bumping up the horsepower, so the team is now more confident of moving forward.

“A huge thanks to Phil for all his hard work,” says Mazzini. “Hopefully we will be off like a brides blouse and stay competitive from here on in, but like many others if we have any expensive set-backs this year we’ll be as busy as a one armed bricklayer in Baghdad trying to get the funds together to keep going. Here’s to hoping we can keep the old girl straight!”

The Mazzini team will be running a restricted schedule this year, focusing mainly on the Motorplex race meetings. One of the highlights for Jai though is set to be the Di Candilo Steel City Late Model Nationals.

“It’ll be an awesome experience to race with six USA drivers,” says Jai. “I’m just hoping to be consistent overall though as it’s something I’ve struggled with since starting in Late Models. That being said though, I am simply just stoked to be racing these awesome beasts against some of Australia’s best Late Model drivers and it is most definitely an honour to be learning from them as well.”

Of course, Jai also has the support of a great team, including his sponsors Fencing Finesse and Armadale Auto Parts, who Jai says he couldn’t have done it without, as well as Phil Richards and the whole Cardy team who have gone out of their way to help him out. He also says thankyou to his great crew; Deano, Marty, Nev and of course his Dad.

“They are a great group of blokes and we just wouldn’t make it on the track without them!” says Jai.  

This sums up all that Late Model racing is about and we look forward to welcoming Jai and the team back to the track in the near future!

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