Cracker Field For Collie

Crack Field for Collie

The next round of the USA vs WA Invasion Tour Kicks off this Friday night at QUIT Collie Speedway and if the action seen last weekend is anything to go by, we are in for an absolute cracker!
A good field of twenty of the thunder and lightning Late Models have nominated to head down south for the event, headlined by the three American visitors in Jason Fitzgerald, Devin Moran and of course Steve Francis.

All three yanks have posted some strong results, but not all took the easy route, with Fitzgerald and his Halliday Racing Team being forced to change engines from the first to second nights. Francis was dominant, making every post a winner and recording a perfect 232 points to lead the series overall, while Devin Moran was right on his tail the entire weekend and sits second place overall just sixteen markers behind. Fitzgerald recovered well on night two to finish sixth in the feature but sits sixteenth overall with some ground to make up.

New South Wales visitor Wade Carter had a bit of a baptism by fire in the opening round and now that he is settled will be hoping to go on and record some improved results at some more new venues this weekend.

Heading the local charge are Craig Vosbergen and Michael Holmes, who both recorded podium finishes last weekend and now sit third and fourth respectively. Both drivers have done plenty of laps around the Collie venue and if they can carry their raw speed with them this weekend can be expected to feature towards the front once again.

Jamie Oldfield took it right up to Francis in the last USA round at Collie and will be hoping to do this once again and have an improvement on last weekend’s results, while names like Veronica McCann and Jay Cardy will be hoping to build on their own solid runs from the last show.

Brad Blake and Marc Giancola didn’t finish the way they wanted to last weekend and both former National Champions will be hungry for some measure of revenge, while Paul Stubber and Kye Blight were both right on the pace all weekend and one can be assured that both will be right on the nose again this weekend.

James Batley and David Nylander are additions to the field from the last show and both are ready for their first crack at taking down the Americans.

Hot laps begin from 5.30pm this Friday night with driver introductions and National Anthems at 6.00pm followed directly after by the commencement of racing.

Will Francis continue his domination? Can Moran one up him? Or can an Aussie overpower the both of them? Be at Quit Collie Speedway this Friday night to find out!

Release by DTN Media.
Photo Courtesy Peter Roebuck.

Official Nominations – 20
0 Brad Blake
6 James Batley
USA7 Jason Fitzgerald
8 Craig Vosbergen
18 Matt Goodlad
NSW24 Wade Carter
31 Paul Stubber
38 Jai Mazzini
41 Kye Blight
43 Marc Giancola
50 Veronica McCann
51 Jamie Oldfield
52 Jay Cardy
54 David Nylander
69 Paul Joss
84 Chris Pavlovich
88 Alec Melvin
USA91 Steve Francis
91 Michael Holmes
USA99 Devin Moran

USA vs WA Invasion Tour Points So Far
1. Steve Francis 232
2. Devin Moran 216
3. Craig Vosbergen 208
4. Michael Holmes 202
5. Paul Stubber 200
6. Jamie Oldfield 195
7. Jay Cardy 181
8. Kye Blight 180
9. Veronica McCann 180
10. Hayden Norman 168
11. Matt Goodlad 166
12. Warren Oldfield 165
13. Marc Giancola 155
14. Paul Joss 155
15. Chris Pavlovich 154
16. Jason Fitzgerald 80
17. Brad Blake 148
18. Alec Melvin 137
19. Wade Carter 133
20. Lionel Kirkby 133
21. Ryan Ludlow 123
22. Jai Mazzini 120
23. Brad Ludlow 113
24. Jason Bond 113
25. Simon McNab 70

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