Team owners/drivers please be advised your Management Group has engaged series sponsors on your behalf and it is our intention to provide as much real value to these sponsorships in every aspect.

Please see the photos and outline in yellow.

This space is to run from the top to the bottom of the aluminium side panel and extend 400mm back from the rear of the front wheel arch on both sides of the body.

This is mandatory for ALL LMRWA events at ALL tracks.

The decal kits will be available at each event and it will be your responsibility to obtain them from the LMRWA Mgnt and fit them on the car before entering the track.

Please be advised any car seen on track without the decals as required will be deducted 20 points from the PDS for each offence.

Please appreciate your Mngt group is simply trying to have all involved step up and take responsibility for their actions within the club to enhance the viability of your club, co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Regards GM