Cardy survives the carnage

Last nights Late Model feature at QUIT Bunbury Speedway took us back to the days of old, as the twenty five lap event was a torrid affair with no less than ten stoppages.
In the end it was Jay Cardy who claimed the win and banked some solid points for the Cleanaway Track Championship supported by Dynamite Dan’s, from a fast closing Michael Holmes, while Koran Atkinson rounded out a consistent night in third, but the feature race certainly had more than it’s fair share of casualties.
The first attempt at green for the feature lasted less than five seconds as Jayden Meckenstock found himself spinning in turn one, bringing out the yellows and ending his night as he was unable to refire. The second start saw the front row of Cardy and Jamie Moon get all crossed up, leaving second row starter Morgan Melvin nowhere to go. Melvin half spun and was collected by the rest of the field, with Ken MacPherson climbing over the top of Melvin and coming to a rest on top of Melvins car, his nose pointing skyward. David Nylander cannoned in and suffered chassis damage, while Tyson Bryden was also involved and his night too was bought to a premature end. Paul Joss, Alec Melvin and Jeff Rogers also got involved, spinning to avoid or making slight contact but all three were able to restart.
The third attempt at a restart saw the front row come together once again, leaving Moon spinning across the track and third placed starter Koran Atkinson going with him. The front row were warned and given once last chance and on the fourth restart we were able to complete a lap before we came under yellows again for Jamie Oldfield who had a rare spin in turn four.
The field lined up for a restart with one lap complete but were under yellows once again for Jai Mazzini who spun after the field bunched up before passing the cone. Two more restarts for spun cars ensued, but finally we got away with Cardy leading, while Michael Holmes made his way into second, while Atkinson held on in third place.
Lap nine saw the yellows again for Alec Melvin who had an unfortunate meeting with the wall, but again the field restarted, with Cardy still leading Holmes and Atkinson. Cardy built a solid lead while behind them Kye Blight, in just his first Late Model race meeting, worked his way past a number of cars, then chased down Jamie Oldfield and passed him for fourth place in the closing stages of the race.
Holmes was closing on Cardy, but it was too late as the chequers flew, Cardy defeating Holmes and Atkinson. Oldfield used his experience to pass Blight back in lapped traffic on the final lap to claim fourth, with Blight fifth. Moon, Paul Stubber and Jeff Rogers rounded out the finishers. These finishing positions all go towards the Cleanaway Track Championship supported by Dynamite Dan’s.
Earlier in the night heat wins went to Nat Muir, Jamie Oldfield, Morgan Melvin and Jay Cardy. The top six dash was a quick affair, with the yellows coming on at the halfway distance for Muir, who had been having a good night up until that point, cannoned into the turn two wall, ending his night early. Oldfield headed infield with a flat tyre and Jamie Moon managed to hold off Cardy and Atkinson for the win.
The Late Models now have eighteen days to repair and prepare as the next event in Western Australia is the very exciting four round Rando’s Cane Furniture USA vs WA Invasion Series! Full details on the series will be released in coming weeks, but in the meantime the LMRWA would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe New Year and also good luck to our own Jamie Oldfield, Brad Blake, Jason Oldfield and Warren Oldfield, all of whom will be travelling across the country to Kingaroy in Queensland to compete in the Australian Late Model Championship, this coming weekend, January 2nd and 3rd!
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Cardy Race Components Voucher – Jeff Rogers
Octane Fuels Hard Charger – Jeff Rogers
Official Results
Heat One – 1. Nat Muir, 2. Michael Holmes, 3. Marc Giancola, 4. Paul Stubber, 5. Jay Cardy, 6. Morgan Melvin, 7. Alec Melvin, 8. Jeff Rogers, 9. Jayden Meckenstock.
Heat Two – 1. Jamie Oldfield, 2. Jamie Moon, 3. Koran Atkinson, 4. Ken MacPherson, 5. David Nylander. 6. Kye Blight, 7. Paul Joss, 8. Tyson Bryden. DNF: Jai Mazzini.
Heat Three – 1. Morgan Melvin, 2. Jamie Moon, 3. Koran Atkinson, 4. David Nylander, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Kye Blight, 7. Alec Melvin. DNF: Marc Giancola, Jai Mazzini.
Heat Four – 1. Jay Cardy, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Ken Macpherson, 4. Nat Muir, 5. Paul Stubber, 6. Tyson Bryden. DNF: Jayden Meckenstock, Paul Joss, Jeff Rogers.
Top 6 Dash – 1. Jamie Moon, 2. Jay Cardy, 3. Koran Atkinson, 4. Morgan Melvin. DNF: Jamie Oldfield, Nat Muir.
Feature – 1. Jay Cardy, 2. Michael Holmes, 3. Koran Atkinson, 4. Jamie Oldfield, 5. Kye Blight, 6. Jamie Moon, 7. Paul Stubber, 8. Jeff Rogers. DNF: Paul Joss, Alec Melvin, Jai Mazzini, David Nylander, Tyson Bryden, Morgan Melvin, Ken McPherson,  Jayden Meckenstock. DNS: Nat Muir, Marc Giancola.


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