Brown Grabs Another Title!

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Kodee Brown has continued his red hot form, putting on a simply awesome display to win the WA title, just one week after securing the Australian Title.

Brown led every lap of the thirty lap feature race last night at Albany Speedway after starting from pole position and never looked back as he once again thrilled the crowd with a popular win.

A number of pre-race favourites were unable to make the feature race, including Craig Vosbergen, who had earlier won his two heats to be top points scorer, then missed the A Dash and the main event with mechanical issues.

Jamie Oldfield, who came second in the A Dash to set up a front row start alongside Brown, also missed the start for the feature with issues related to the axle and diff which the team ran out of time to sort, while Jason Oldfield was out early in the night with front end issues after contact with the infield tyres.

The feature began with nineteen cars, but quickly came under yellows after a first lap incident left cars scattered everywhere, ending Jay Cardy and Marc Giancola’s race before it had really even started.

The next attempt was better and Brown quickly raced into the lead followed by the impressive Paul Stubber.

Kye Blight was next to make his presence felt as he raced past Stubber into second on lap three, but Stubber was right on his tail and able to grab the position back a handful of laps later. It was at this point that Blight was forced to retire infield, leaving interstaters Ben Nicastri and Stuey Hill in third and fourth respectively.

From here the order remained relatively unchanged as some of the back markers began to drop out of the race, with Brad Blake able to pass Hill for fourth, but up front it was all Brown as he claimed the win from Stubber and Nicastri.

Earlier in the night Vosbergen had won two heats while Stubber, Brown, Jamie Oldfield and Giancola all claimed single victories. The A Dash was also taken out by Brown while Blake claimed the B Dash.

The Late Models today make the trip down the road to Esperance Speedway for this afternoon’s show that will round out the Wild West tour.

Full results to follow from tonight’s racing.

Contingency awards:-

Cardy Race Components 8th place – Michael Holmes

Maxima Racing Oils – Jayden Meckenstock

Release by DTN Media.

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Photos courtesy Peter Roebuck

Official Results

Heat One – 10 laps: 1. Craig Vosbergen, 2. Kye Blight, 3. Ken Macpherson, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Michael Holmes, 6. Matt Nylander (9), 7. Jason Oldfield. DNF: Jai Mazzini. Total Time: 2.33.194. Winning Margin: 1.714. Fastest Lap: 14.593 Craig Vosbergen.

Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. W31 Paul Stubber, 2. W51 Jamie Oldfield, 3. Ben Nicastri, 4. Warren Oldfield, 5. Jarrin Bielby, 6. Jayden Meckenstock, 7. Hayden Norman. DNF: Morgan Melvin. Total Time: 3.24.102. Winning Margin: 4.180. Fastest Lap: 14.643 Paul Stubber.

Heat Three – 10 laps: 1. Kodee Brown, 2. Stuey Hill, 3. Marc Giancola, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Paul Joss, 6. Chris Pavlovich, 7. David Nylander, 8. Jed Rogers. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 5.071. Fastest Lap: 14.860 Kodee Brown.

Heat Four – 10 laps: 1. Craig Vosbergen, 2. Chris Pavlovich, 3. Kye Blight, 4. David Nylander, 5. Stuey Hill. DNF: Matt Nylander (7), Paul Joss (6), Jai Mazzini (0). Total Time: 2.39.324. Winning Margin: Not Available. Fastest Lap: 14.735 Kye Blight.

Heat Five – 10 laps: 1. Jamie Oldfield, 2. Ben Nicastri, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Michael Holmes, 5. Jason Oldfield. DNF: Hayden Norman (3), Warren Oldfield (2), Ken MacPherson (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.169. Fastest Lap: 15.071 Jason Oldfield.

Heat Six – 10 laps: 1. Marc Giancola, 2. Kodee Brown, 3. Paul Stubber, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Jarrin Bielby. DNF: Jayden Meckenstock, Jed Rogers. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.829. Fastest Lap: 14.924 Kodee Brown.

A Dash Result – 6 laps: 1. Kodee Brown, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Marc Giancola, 4. Paul Stubber, 5. Kye Blight, 6. Ben Nicastri, 7. Stuey Hill. DNS: Craig Vosbergen. Total Time: 1.32.937. Winning Margin: 0.348. Fastest Lap: 14.589 Jamie Oldfield.

B Dash Result – 6 laps: 1. Brad Blake, 2. Jay Cardy, 3. Michael Holmes, 4. Warren Oldfield, 5. Chris Pavlovich, 6. Jarrin Bielby, 7. Ken MacPherson, 8. David Nylander. Total Time: 1.38.354. Winning Margin: 0.785. Fastest Lap: 15.600 Michael Holmes.

A Main – 30 laps: 1. Kodee Brown, 2. Paul Stubber, 3. Ben Nicastri, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Stuey Hill, 6. Warren Oldfield, 7.Paul Joss (29), 8. Michael Holmes (29), 9. Ken MacPherson (28), 10. Chris Pavlovich (28), 11. Jayden Meckenstock (25). DNF: Hayden Norman (19), Matt Nylander (10), Kye Blight (8), Jarrin Bielby (5), Jai Mazzini (5), David Nylander (3), Jay Cardy (0), Marc Giancola (0). DNS: Jed Rogers, Craig Vosbergen, Jamie Oldfield, Jason Oldfield, Morgan Melvin. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 3.665. Fastest Lap: 14.912 Kye Blight.

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