Brent Vosbergen “NOT IN A HURRY – JUST FAST”


The rapid rise of Brent Vosbergen to the front group of the new generation of Late Model drivers in the development series is clear evidence that the unusual path he has taken is likely to be very successful.

Brent and his famous father Craig plotted a path several years ago that would develop the skills that Brent would need if he was to pursue his dream of following his father and grandfather into Late Model racing. They decided not to enter the sport of speedway via the juniors but through Dirt Karts instead. Craig firmly believed that would provide the best platform to build on “The power to weight ratio of Dirt Karts is higher and the left and right turns help develop car control. They are twitchy and fast” said Craig.

While Brent has done well in the Dirt Karts, with a second place in the National titles to his name, the real purpose was to develop his driving skills and race craft in an affordable way. With that foundation in place the next step was to attend the Dale McDowell Late Model driving school in the USA. “The diving school definitely put my development into fast forward and with Dad helping me I feel like I am adapting to the late Models reasonably quickly. We don’t change too much so that I can get used to the thing.”

Brent is in no rush but has bought a car from the USA which is due to arrive in the New Year. The plan from there is to do some laps at Kwinana and then do next year’s Late Model Development Series.

Running two cars together is seen as too hard so the next step will be to convince Craig that he has had enough fun.

”When Dads had enough I will have a go.” said Brent


By Ray Hale for LMRWA

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