Blight is Back!

It would be well known that when his competitors saw his name on the entry list once again, many would have breathed a sigh of dismay, and Kye Blight (Kye Blight Racing) has again proven why he is seen as one of the best in the west as he made his season debut, and again claimed the feature race win in what was the third round of the Pro Dirt Series at the Perth Motorplex.
Blight, driving the Paul and Alice Stubber owned machine, claimed two second place finishes in his heat to start the feature race from position three, while the front row was shared by Brent Vosbergen (Team Vosbergen Racing – TVR and Jay Cardy, who each had a heat race win to their name. Jason Oldfield, who (Cardy Racing Components) won the opening heat of the night would join Blight on the second row.
As the race went green, Cardy and Vosbergen would go side by side into the first turn, Vosbergen just edging out Cardy to take the outright lead.
With one complete Matt Amato (Matt Amato Racing) spun in front of the field, seeing seven other cars also spin to avoid, some making heavy contact but somehow all were able to restart.
Blight moved into second on the restart and set out after Vosbergen, with Cardy and the three Oldfield brothers (Oldfield Racing) right behind them.
Warren Minshull then crunched the turn four wall to bring out the yellows with three complete, but again, he was able to restart, leaving us with all twenty one feature race starters still on track.
The race would resume once again, with Cardy pressuring Blight on the restart, the duo side by side and eventually Cardy made the pass on lap six, relegating Blight into third.
Warren Oldfield also arrived on the scene at this point, using the lowline to draw level with Blight and look for second under Cardy, but the yellows came on for a number of cars that came together once again.
Vosbergen, now second placed Blight and third placed Cardy quickly pulled away on the restart with all three Oldfield brothers battling it out for fourth behind them.
The race settled back into a rhythm for the next few laps, but at the halfway point, lapped traffic really began to play its part in the race.
On lap eighteen, Vosbergen got caught up on the lowline with some lapped cars and Blight took the opportunity to run the highline as he is so well known for, caught Vosbergen and grabbed the lead on lap nineteen by 0.061 seconds, with lapped traffic everywhere.
Vosbergen persisted with the lowline while Blight raced away on the highline, Blight opening a solid gap.
A lap or so later the same thing happened with third placed Cardy and fourth placed Warren Oldfield, Cardy running low, getting caught with traffic, Oldfield running high and grabbing third on lap twenty two.
Jamie Oldfield eventually moved to the top also and caught Cardy, going around the outside of Cardy on lap twenty eight. Cardy however saw him and fought back, the duo side by side for the final laps.
Back up front though, it was all Blight, going on to claim yet another feature race victory at the Motorplex, crossing the line over four seconds ahead of Vosbergen, while Warren Oldfield claimed third place.
Late Models now have a fortnights break before hitting the track again, with Round Four of the Pro Dirt Series, proudly presented by McPhee Transport, slated to get underway at the Perth Motorplex on the 4th of December, doubling as the John Day Classic event!
The 2021/22 Pro Dirt Series proudly bought to you by ABN Trade Mates, CTM Recruitment Pty Ltd, Mcphee Transport, Global Testing Services, the PTE Group, SupaFit Seat Covers, APM Roofing and Gutters, Boyes Eqs and Dirt Track Nutters.
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Contingency Awards
DTN Pole Position – Brent Vosbergen
APM Roofing Hard Charger – Matt Nylander
Boyes Equipment SVS All Star Award – Veronica McCann
Official Results
Heat One, 8 laps: 1. 11 Jason Oldfield, 2. 82 Matt Amato, 3. 52 Jay Cardy, 4. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 5. 21 Rod Musarra, 6. 94 Luke Halliday, 7. 15 Warren Oldfield, 8. 22 Richard Wells, 9. 47 Warren Minshull, 10. 44 Laura Byrnes. DNF: 55L Brad Ludlow. Total Time: 2.24.291. Winning Margin: 2.915. Fastest Lap: 17.640 Jason Oldfield.
Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. 4 Brent Vosbergen, 2. A1 Kye Blight, 3. 91 Michael Holmes, 4. 07 Kodee Brown, 5. 0 Brad Blake, 6. 50 Veronica McCann, 7. 71 Jamie Moon, 8. 83 Daniel Ameduri, 9. 10 Cody Avins, 10. 20 Graham Murray, 11. 34 Matt Nylander, 12. 55 Peter Mewett (7). DNF: 33 Craig Greentree (7). Total Time: 2.22.802. Winning Margin: 2.841. Fastest Lap: 17.229 Brent Vosbergen.
Heat Three, 8 laps: 1. 52 Jay Cardy, 2. A1 Kye Blight, 3. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 4. 10 Cody Avins, 5. 11 Jason Oldfield, 6. 22 Richard Wells, 7. 91 Michael Holmes, 8. 20 Graham Murray, 9. 71 Jamie Moon, 10. 44 Laura Byrnes, 11. 55 Peter Mewett (7). DNF: 0 Brad Blake (0), 55L Brad Ludlow (0). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.044. Fastest Lap: 17.078 Kye Blight.
Heat Four, 8 laps: 1. 15 Warren Oldfield, 2. 4 Brent Vosbergen, 3. 50 Veronica McCann, 4. 07 Kodee Brown, 5. 82 Matt Amato, 6. 34 Matt Nylander, 7. 94 Luke Halliday, 8. 83 Daniel Ameduri, 9. 21 Rod Musarra, 10. 47 Warren Minshull. DNF: 33 Craig Greentree (6). Total Time: 2.22.249. Winning Margin: 2.290. Fastest Lap: 17.365 Warren Oldfield.
Feature, 30 laps: 1. A1 Kye Blight, 2. 4 Brent Vosbergen, 3. 15 Warren Oldfield, 4. 52 Jay Cardy, 5. 51 Jamie Oldfield, 6. 11 Jason Oldfield, 7. 50 Veronica McCann, 8. 07 Kodee Brown, 9. 91 Michael Holmes, 10. 82 Matt Amato (29), 11. 34 Matt Nylander (29), 12. 71 Jamie Moon (29), 13. 10 Cody Avins (29), 14. 94 Luke Halliday (29), 15. 83 Daniel Ameduri (29), 16. 47 Warren Minshull (29), 17. 44 Laura Byrnes (28), 18. 22 Richard Wells (28), 19. 55 Peter Mewett (27). DNF: 21 Rod Musarra (7), 20 Graham Murray (5). DNS: 0 Brad Blake, 33 Craig Greentree, 55L Brad Ludlow. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 4.225. Fastest Lap: 17.382 Brent Vosbergen.