Awards & Prizes



Rookie status:

To be eligible for ROOKIE OF THE YEAR bonuses and benefits a driver must comply with the following criteria. ROY eligibility will include but not limited to, any competitor that has NOT competed in 5 or more PDS rounds in a previous season. Any competitor that has NOT competed as a rookie more than twice in any previous season. All PDS rounds will count to ROY status.


All Stars Status:

Financial LMRWA club members and Drivers who have never won a Pro Dirt Series Round, or finished top three in a WA Title, Australian Title, Pro Dirt Series.

Once a driver achieves this feat they are no longer eligible for the prizes from the next round.


LMRWA will issue the cash prizes and apply the bonus points.

DTN Pole Sitter

Dirt Track Nutters Pole Sitter

One bonus championship point awarded to the driver who qualifies on pole for the feature at each round.

Heatleys Hard Charger

Heatley's Hard Charger

One bonus championship point and $150 cash awarded to the person who passes the most cars passed in a feature race in each Pro Dirt Round (from original starting pos to finishing pos, if a tie goes to person who started further back).

Rosss All Star
Supafit Seventh

Ross's All Star Award

Cash prize $150 (Awarded to the highest placed All Star driver in feature result at each Pro Dirt Round).

Supafit Supa 7th Place Award

Cash prize $150 awarded to the seventh placed driver in feature result at each Pro Dirt Round.