Another Chapter to be written…

The WA Late Model Title is the longest running Championship event for Late Models in Australia.
This weekend will mark the twenty seventh time the Title has been run and with so much prestige behind it, it is an event that every single driver will be fighting hard to win.
Over the years no less than one hundred and ten drivers have attempted to claim the Title of WA#1, but only thirteen have been successful, and only a total of thirty drivers have been able to even make it into the top three.
The 1997/98 season saw the WA Late Model title held for the first time, some nine years before any other state in Australia even began running their own titles, with sixteen cars contesting seven rounds of racing all across the State.
Alan Nylander scored the most points overall in that inaugural year to become the WA Late Model Champion with John Cardy second and Ben Ludlow third.
The title would increase in popularity after that, with Late Model legend Brad Blake winning the next two titles, both held as a series again.
The 1998/99 series was held across nine rounds with Blake winning six of them, while Blake would also record a number of wins the following year to best second placed Derrol Crane by sixty-six points.
In the 2000/01 season it became a stand-alone event for the first ever time, held at the brand new, state of the art, Perth Motorplex venue. Youngster Ryan Halliday would claim that win ahead of Ben Ludlow and John Cardy.
The next year the Title would again revert to a series format, held across three tracks (Geraldton, Perth Motorplex and Manjimup) with Blake again claiming the win, while in 2002/03 the event would again become a stand alone show, something that has continued ever since.
The Perth Motorplex has almost been the home track for the division over the years and this year will mark the eleventh time the event is held at the venue, the eighth year in a row. Along with the aforementioned four occasions the event was held as a series, Collie, Manjimup and Bunbury have each held the event three times, while Albany, Geraldton, Northam and Kalgoorlie have all also had a shot at hosting.
Looking at the stats for the previous twenty-six titles it is no surprise that Brad Blake still leads the numbers, grabbing an epic tenth win this time last year, giving him an incredible fourteen top three finishes from twenty six years (a 38.5% win rate and just under a 54% success rate of finishing in the top three).
Blake also has the record of most WA Title events raced in, contesting twenty five of the twenty six held so far, missing just the 2020/21 season event.
Back to the top three stats and the next best are Warren Oldfield, Craig Vosbergen, Jamie Oldfield and Brent Vosbergen, each with two wins, though Warren also has four seconds and one third, Craig Vosbergen has two seconds and a third while Jamie and Brent each have one extra second place, Brent’s coming last year as he trailed Blake across the line.
A further eight drivers each share single victories, while Veronica McCann’s third place in last year’s event made her not only the second female to podium in a Late Model Title event in Australia (behind Kirstin Van Zeeland in Queensland) but also the thirtieth driver to grab a podium finish.
The most successful driver without actually claiming a win would be Ben Ludlow, with two seconds and two thirds, though Jay Cardy is close behind, also with two seconds and only one third place result.
His uncle John Cardy, also has the distinction of joining Ludlow in four podium results without a win: scoring one second and three third place finishes.
Jay Cardy has also attended the second most WA Title events at eighteen (driving three different numbers across those events: 27, 52 and 60!), while Craig Vosbergen and Warren Oldfield have both been at seventeen WA Titles, Ryan Halliday at sixteen.
And who has raced the most different numbers at Title events? Jason Oldfield (9, 11, 15J, 55, 61 and 96) and Brad Ludlow (A1, 2, 10, 21, 92 and 95) are tied!
Saturday night we write the next chapter, so make sure you are there to witness history.
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1997/98 Series
1st Alan Nylander 2nd John Cardy 3rd Ben Ludlow
1998/99 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd John Cardy
1999/2000 Series
1st Brad Blake 2nd Derrol Crane 3rd Ben Ludlow
2000/01 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Ryan Halliday 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy
2001/02 @ Geraldton/ Motorplex/ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ivor Ladwig 3rd Craig Vosbergen
2002/03 @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Ben Ludlow 3rd John Cardy
2003/04 @ Bunbury
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Kevin Bell
2004/05 @ Northam
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chace Karpenko NT 3rd Michael Hebditch ACT
2005/06 @ Motorplex
1st Chace Karpenko NT 2nd Jason Oldfield 3rd Ryan Halliday
2006/07 @ Geraldton
1st Brad Blake 2nd Chase Karpenko NT 3rd Jason Oldfield
2007/08 @ Northam
1st Scott McPherson ACT 2nd Nathan Disney NSW 3rd Darryl Grimson NSW
2008/09 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Ryan Halliday
2009/10 @ Manjimup
1st Brad Blake 2nd Craig Vosbergen 3rd Jay Cardy
2010/11 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Ryan Halliday 3rd Jason Moyle
2011/2012 @ Kalgoorlie Speedway
1st Warren Oldfield 2nd Brad Ludlow 3rd Brad Blake
2012/2013 @ Collie Speedway
1st Craig Vosbergen 2nd Warren Oldfield 3rd Matt Goodlad
2013/2014 @ Bunbury Speedway
1st Marc Giancola 2nd Jay Cardy 3rd Brad Blake
2014/2015 @ Collie Speedway
1st Jamie Oldfield 2nd Matt Goodlad 3rd Brad Blake
2015/2016 @ Albany Speedway
1st Kodee Brown, 2nd Paul Stubber, 3. Ben Nicastri
2016/2017 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Jamie Oldfield, 2. Warren Oldfield, 3. Michael Holmes
2017/2018 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Paul Stubber, 2. Warren Oldfield, 3. Ryan Halliday
2018/2019 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Brent Vosbergen, 2. Marc Giancola, 3. Warren Oldfield
2019/2020 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Kye Blight, 2. Warren Oldfield, 3. Ryan Halliday
2020/2021 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Warren Oldfield, 2nd Jamie Oldfield, 3rd Kye Blight
2021/2022 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Brent Vosbergen, 2nd Brad Blake, 3rd Joe Chalmers.
2022/2023 @ Perth Motorplex
1st Brad Blake, 2nd Brent Vosbergen, 3rd Veronica McCann.