An Oldfield Christmas Double!


Last weekend it was Jamie Oldfield who claimed the feature win and this time around it was Warren Oldfield who once again showed his class as he raced away to a dominant victory tonight in the Perth Motorplex Boxing Day Bonanza.

As has been the case so often before it was Warren Oldfield who led the field away, pursued by the returning Craig Vosbergen and a whole pack of snarling Late Models as the twenty five lap feature race began.

Just two laps in the yellows came on as Jarrin Bielby and Rob Galloway tangled in turn three, setting up the first restart of the feature.

Oldfield led away the restart and quickly built up over a one second gap between himself and Vosbergen. Just one lap later it was at 2.1 seconds while behind them a pack including former national champions Brad Ludlow, Marc Giancola and Brad Blake battled it out.

The yellows came on for a second time on lap five, with Ken MacPherson and Jason Bond stranded in turn two. Oldfield led away again on the restart, with Marc Giancola putting the moves on Ludlow to grab third as the field got back up to pace again.

Once again Oldfield was able to race away, building up the gap while Paul Stubber had a moment back in the pack, spinning on the main straight and being hit by Mark Matthews who had nowhere to go. The yellows didn’t need to come, leaving Oldfield able to continue building his gap as Vosbergen began to fade, being passed firstly by Giancola and then Ludlow, Blake and Jason Oldfield.

Oldfield continued to put on a clinic, lapping throughout the field and building the gap even more, even surviving a hairy moment with some overly aggressive lapped traffic coming into turn four. From here he went on to claim the victory by some 3.334 seconds ahead of Giancola and Blake and lapping up to tenth place in a dominant feature race performance.

Earlier in the night heat racing was fast and frenetic, with Ryan Halliday leading Paul Stubber and Warren Oldfield for the whole distance in the opener, while the second saw Jamie Moon race into the lead early from Craig Vosbergen. Behind them was a huge battle as eight cars battled it out, with Jamie Oldfield the one who uncharacteristically looped the car before continuing on. Back up front Vosbergen made his move on Moon as they worked through lapped traffic while David Nylander spun infield, nearly taking out the presentation stand. In a race that had almost everything except an official stoppage, Vosbergen claimed the win from Moon and Ken MacPherson.

The second round of heats saw Michael Holmes lead the way in heat three before Warren Oldfield made his move on lap six and raced away to win from brother Jason Oldfield, while Holmes had to settle for third. The final heat of the evening was quickly under a caution as Brad Blake found himself facing the wrong way in turn three. A complete restart saw Brad Ludlow lead away Blake, with Jamie Oldfield quick to pressure Blake for second. Lap six saw Oldfield draw alongside Blake then grab second, but up ahead it was all Ludlow as he went on to claim the win.

The Late Models now have the New Year to have a short break, before the next show at Bunbury Speedway on the 9th of January. This will precede the biggest event on the calendar, the Australian Late Model Championship to be held at the Perth Motorplex on the 15th and 16th of January.

Stay tuned as the lead up to these couple of events is sure to be huge, but in the meantime, on behalf of all the Late Models, have a Happy New Year!

M Giancola         

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Contingency Awards Speed Torque Allstar winner – Ken McPherson


Official Results

Heat One – 10 laps: 1. Ryan Halliday, 2. Paul Stubber, 3. Warren Oldfield, 4. Marc Giancola, 5. Brad Blake, 6. Veronica McCann, 7. Jarrin Bielby, 8. Michael Holmes, 9. Morgan Melvin. DNF: Jason Bond, Mark Matthews. DNS: Jayden Meckenstock. Total Time: 2.55.340. Winning Margin: 1.773. Fastest Lap: 17.134 99 Ryan Halliday.

Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. Craig Vosbergen, 2. Jamie Moon, 3. Ken MacPherson, 4. Brad Ludlow, 5. Jason Oldfield, 6. Jay Cardy, 7. Rob Galloway, 8. Jeremy Hale, 9. Chris Pavlovich, 10. Jamie Oldfield, 11. Willy Powell, 12. Jai Mazzini, 13. Mick Clune. DNF: David Nylander. Total Time: 2.54.738. Winning Margin: 1.099. Fastest Lap: 16.480 Craig Vosbergen.

Heat Three – 10 laps: 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Jason Oldfield, 3. Michael Holmes, 4. Ken MacPherson, 5. Jay Cardy, 6. Paul Stubber, 7. Ryan Halliday, 8. Chris Pavlovich, 9. Rob Galloway, 10. Jarrin Bielby, 11. Jason Bond, 12. Jamie Moon. DNS: Jai Mazzini. Total Time: 2.49.440. Winning Margin: 3.041. Fastest Lap: 16.481 Michael Holmes.

Heat Four – 10 laps: 1. Brad Ludlow, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Craig Vosbergen, 5. Marc Giancola, 6. Veronica McCann, 7. Morgan Melvin, 8. Mark Matthews, 9. Willy Powell, 10. Mick Clune. DNF: David Nylander, Jeremy Hale. DNS: Jayden Meckenstock. Total Time: 2.47.221. Winning Margin: 3.420. Fastest Lap: 16.407 Brad Ludlow.

Feature – 25 laps: 1. Warren Oldfield, 2. Marc Giancola, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Brad Ludlow, 5.Criag Vosbergen, 6. Ken MacPherson, 7. Jason Oldfield, 8. Ryan Halliday, 9. Jamie Oldfield, 10. Jay Cardy, 11. Michael Holmes, 12. Jamie Moon, 13. Veronica McCann, 14. Rob Galloway, 15. Jarrin Bielby, 16. Willy Powell, 17. Mick Clune. DNF: Morgan Melvin, Chris Pavlovich, Paul Stubber, Mark Matthews, Jason Bond. DNS: Jai Mazzini, David Nylander, Jayden Meckenstock, Jeremy Hale. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 3.334. Fastest Lap: 16.331 Warren Oldfield.

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