Americans Awesome at Albany!



The American domination of the Rando’s Cane Furniture Invasion Tour has continued tonight, with the touring team going almost undefeated during the night. Not one Aussie was able to break through for a win in the heats, Steve Francis claimed his third feature from three starts so far and the podium was rounded out once again by Americans!


Francis, as he has become known for, drove a calculating race, sitting behind pole sitter Jeep Van Wormer for only a short time before making his move. The leading duo were into lapped traffic by lap five and then went on to survive numerous restarts, with Francis claiming the win from Van Wormer. Fellow countryman George Lee had his best result for the series to date, challenging Van Wormer at various stages during the race, but ultimately being forced to settle for third place.


The first restart of the thirty lap feature was actually bought on by Devin Moran who spun in turn three, leaving Clint Noakes nowhere to go. Noakes went infield, while Moran was sent rear. As the leading duo made their way into the traffic, ‘The General’ George Lee, who started sixth, was sitting in fourth and fighting with the ‘The 0 Show’ Brad Blake for third. Eventually Lee found his way through, making the most of a restart to close the gap between himself and Van Wormer. 


Francis survived a hairy moment with a lapped car to bring on the yellows a third time, then a questionable pass further back in the field left Jay Cardy and Marc Giancola on the infield with damaged cars in another stoppage. Not long after, the yellows were out once more for spun cars and would then reappear twice more. In the end though, it was all Francis, crossing the line ahead of Van Wormer and Lee.


Earlier in the night was some intense and close racing throughout the heats, with Jeep Van Wormer and Steve Francis each claiming a win while Devin Moran claimed two. Van Wormer then claimed the A Dash while Jamie Oldfield, tonight driving a special bee paint schemed #51 machine, claimed the only Aussie victory of the night in the B Dash.


Tomorrow night is the final showdown on the Rando’s Cane Furniture Invasion Tour and after getting such a solid defeat tonight, the Aussies will be chomping at the bit to ‘spank a yank!’


Stay tuned as tomorrow we will release all the details of the final showdown atManjimu Speedway tomorrow night!


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Contingency Awards

Lucas Oils Pole Award – Jeep Van Wormer

Octane Hard Charger – Jamie Moon


Heat One – 1. Jeep Van Wormer,  2.  Lee Watt, 3. Jason Oldfield, 4. Clint Noakes, 5. Craig Vosbergen, 6. George Lee, 7. Paul Stubber, 8. Jamie Moon, 9. Jai Mazzini, 10. Dean King, 11. Simon McNab. DNS: Jayden Meckenstock. 


Heat Two – 1.  Devin Moran, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Brad Blake, 4. Steve Francis, 5. Marc Giancola, 6. Matt Goodlad, 7. Jay Cardy, 8. Kye Blight, 9. Phil Zuidema, 10. Wayne Coleman, 11. Jeff Rogers. 


Heat Three – 1. Devin Moran, 2. Paul Stubber, 3. Marc Giancola, 4. Clint Noakes, 5. Dean King, 6. Jai Mazzini, 7. Phil Zuidema, 8. Wayne Coleman, 9. Jeff Rogers. DNF: Craig Vosbergen, Jayden Meckenstock. DNS: Matt Goodlad. 


Heat Four – 1. Steve Francis, 2. George Lee, 3. Jeep Van Wormer, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Jamie Moon, 6. Kye Blight, 7. Jay Cardy, 8. Jason Oldfield, 9. Lee Watt, 10. Jamie Oldfield, 11. Simon McNab. 


A Dash – 1. Jeep Van Wormer, 2. Steve Francis, 3. Devin Moran, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Clint Noakes, 6. George Lee, 7. Marc Giancola, 8. Paul Stubber.


B Dash – 1. Jamie Oldfield, 2. Lee Watt, 3.Jason Oldfield, 4. Jay Cardy, 5. Kye Blight, 6. Jamie Moon, 7. Craig Vosbergen, 8. Dean King. 


A Main – 1. Steve Francis, 2. Jeep Van Wormer, 3. George Lee, 4. Brad Blake, 5. Jamie Oldfield, 6. Jason Oldfield, 7. Jamie Moon, 8. Devin Moran, 9. Kye Blight, 10. Craig Vosbergen, 11. Paul Stubber, 12. Simon McNab, 13. Phil Zuidema, 14. Dean King, 15. Jeff Rogers. DNF: Marc Giancola, Jay Cardy, Wayne Coleman, Jayden Meckenstock, Lee Watt, Clint Noakes, Jai Mazzini. DNS: Matt Goodlad.


Invasion Tour Top Ten Points After Round #3 of #4

1. Steve Francis 354

2. Jeep Van Wormer 334

3. Brad Blake 312

4. Jason Oldfield 287

5. Devin Moran 280

6. Paul Stubber 276

7. Kye Blight 262

8. Jamie Oldfield 261

9. Jamie Moon 254

10. Craig Vosbergen 254


Invasion Tour Race Wins

America – 15

Australia – 9


Round #1 – QUIT Collie Speedway – 1. Steve Francis, 2. Jamie Oldfield, 3. Jeep Van Wormer.

Round #2 – QUIT Bunbury Speedway – 1. Steve Francis, 2. Jeep Van Wormer, 3. Devin Moran.

Round #3 – Albany Speedway – 1. Steve Francis, 2. Jeep Van Wormer, 3. George Lee.

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