4 Wide Salute

The red button below links to a PDF document for the proposed line up procedures to be implemented for the 2020-2021 season.

Print out the attachment, put it on the desk and look at it when reading this content; then stick the drawings inside your trailer!!

With the desire to assist all tracks and the Motorplex meet the Govt imposed curfew your LMRWA Mngt Group, with the assistance of Chief Steward wish to implement a more efficient line up method.

Before you go to the chute know your starting position.

·       The pace car as previously advised will be stationary at the flag stand

·       Line up in your correct order

·       Follow the pace car off

·       The Chief Steward (CS) will then call two car numbers from a row

·       Those cars are to pull out and run down to join the front row cars

·       ALL cars behind those two cars that were called follow them forward.

·       4 wide in an Orderly, Military, Proficient manner!! (OMP)

·       The pace car will be instructed to move forward

·       The CS will then call for the centre rows of cars to accelerate forward to the pace car and the others once cleared can do the same, never breaking the line up order!!

·       Latemodels you are ready to race!

Your understanding and co-operation will result in our division raising its professional profile in the eyes of the public and be the last division to have laps cut from races!

RULES - 4 Wide Salute Diagram