Hours to go!


The 2015/16 Di Candilo Steel City Australian Late Model Championship is just hours from getting underway.

With weeks of build up the time is nearly here and with practice and the official Calcutta now completed, the only thing left to do is go racing.

Paul Stubber was quickest in official practice, where thirty one cars hit the track.

Last night the official Calcutta was held, with some big numbers going ahead, the favourites being the pairing of Jamie Oldfield and Jai Mazzini, closely followed by the pairing of Brad Ludlow and Chris Pavlovich. Pairings of Warren Oldfield and Willy Powell and Darren Kane and Rob Galloway also garnered good support.

With the withdrawl of two competitiors, there will be forty seven drivers hitting the track tonight, beginning with qualifying. The groups were drawn below.

Now all that remains is to get cars out on track, so make sure you are also at the Perth Motorplex tonight when the action begins!

Release by DTN Media.

Qualifying Groups

Group One

43 Marc Giancola

26 Ken MacPherson

84 Chris Pavlovich

92 Brad Ludlow

54 David Nylander

A1 Darren Kane

34 Matt Nylander

88 Alec Melvin


Group Two

9 Ben Ludlow

31 Paul Stubber

99 Ryan Halliday

0 Brad Blake

42 Jai Mazzini

15 Warren Oldfield

18 Matt Goodlad

60 Jayden Meckenstock


Group Three

29 Ryan Ludlow

71 Jamie Moon

25 Mark Webster

8 Craig Vosbergen

41 Kye Blight

93 Rob Galloway

14 Willy Powell

16 Veronica McCann


Group Four

63 Jed Rogers

89 Morgan Melvin

52 Jay Cardy

V25 Justin Pearson

49 Simon McNab

S4 Stuey Hill

07 Kodee Brown

V10 Cameron Pearson


Group Five

10 Lee Watt

6 Hayden Norman

22 Paul Joss

21 Dean King

N99 Ben Nicastri

24 Mick Clune

3 Dale Clark

N91 Bruce MacKenzie


Group Six

36 Jarrin Bielby

91 Michael Holmes

N25 David Doherty

58 Lionel Kirkby

51 Jamie Oldfield

61 Jason Oldfield

69 Bryn Haythornthwaite

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