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18 Mat Goodlad

Matt GoodladName: Matt GoodladMatt Goodlad car

Esperance WA

DOB: 8/5/84

Favorite Track: Motorplex

Career Highlights: 2nd &3rd in WA state titles, 2nd&3rd in pro dirt series, runner up in the USA tour, winner of the general John Day

Race Number: 18

Racecar Chassis: Rocket

Engine Type/Size: SQP chev/426ci

Sponsors: Diversifed Contracting, Duralite Alloy Boat Trailers, SQP , Valvoline, Nutech Signs, Racin Tyres and Accessories, Genesis Shocks,Castle Hill Quality Grain, Tillco Engineering, SWB Photography

Facebook: Daytona Racing

Team Website: N/A

Crew: John Goodlad, Micheal Nash, and Dillon Richards